Fishing Tips Mackerel

Best by far is a worn Russian River fly [plain with fly ties worn off], offset bend, long shank, steelhead strong #2, sharp! When placed inline it sticks out and does not tend to tangle.

Russian River Fly #2 Mickey Finn, Yellow / Orange (3 for 3$)

Salt Water corrodes quickly, rod, line, reel, and hooks. So use plated hooks only and fresh water rinse all gear after fishing.

Rod 7'0" Medium (Medium Heavy is better)
Reel: Spinning 10-12 lbs test

Avoid list: heavy line, non locking swivels, heavy weights near spinners

Terminate main line 14lbs [low stretch] with a #8 locking chrome swivel with a palomar knot (as always)

Add the River Fly or Chrome Treble on swivel

Add 12" leader (low vis 10-12lbs) with a #8-10 locking swivel

Add nickel plated Willow leaf dual or single spinner #2 (3 for 2$)

Add the River Fly or Chrome Treble on spinner

Add 12" leader on swivel

Terminate line with: 1oz sinker or stand up jig 3/4oz (you can attach aluminum foil with a plastic covered white twist tie)


Incoming tide you can simply troll at a constant speed and feathers will work fine.

Outgoing tide, jerk troll and provide loads of change in speed to troll. Feathers are near useless now go to all nickel hooks, lures.

On a strike give a long pull to set hook and reel in 3 cranks then set hook again. Reel in while keeping strain on at all times

Surface troll with a Orange Cigar float 12" above main swivel. It will introduce more drag. Fish will strike float as well, fun to watch!