Fishing Tips - Fresh Water and Tidal Fresh

use low stretch line [sensitivity]
use low weight lures [fish inhale more than they bite]
use larger hook if you are losing bites
use opposite bend hook if you are losing bites
use very sharp hooks [avoid treble, kirby]
use Palomar knots

--- Brook Trout

Special Rules:
avoid being detected! Walk softly and stay hidden.
avoid red, bright clothing, flashy rods and reels
avoid flashy lures on bright days

Rods: 4'6" UL for brooks, 6' for casting, trolling
line: 6-8lbs low stretch [eg. Sensor]
hooks: #4,6,8 laser sharp [red or black], bait holder, offset or reverse bend [avoid kirby, silver]
leader: 2-4lbs low-vis line
weight: one B lead weight max at hook eye
knot: palomar

deeper pools use jigs: 1/16 or 1/32 jig
colors: black or green [maybe red]
see bait

spinners: double 00, gold willow leaf [#14 swivel black]
hooks: #6 laser sharp, reverse bend or offset

bait: synthetic power grubs [no tails]
white, bubblegum, dark green, black, red
avoid [black and white, yellow. blue]

small neon green [avoid red/white, orange]

--- Rainbow Trout

Main rule: found in tidal pools which have deadheads, snags are common. Expect lost gear, so use cheap lures etc..

Rod: 7' Medium
inline hooks: #2-4 laser sharp down eye offset,
end hook: #2 steelhead strong
main line: 10-12 lb  low stretch, spider wire
main line terminus: tough locking swivel
inline spinners: 2 -4 head willow leaf
daisy chain: swivels, hook and leader combo
leader: 8lb tough
bait: synth worm

bottom drag / sit option: to line terminus add weak leader with a rotating sinker so when sinker is snagged just pull to break end leader. Avoid lead sinkers [environmental]

floats: orange apple or cigar

--- White Bass

line: 6-8lbs low stretch [eg. Sensor]
bottom troll: standup jigs STORM Wildeye 1/8oz or 1/16oz [rare]
end of main line add a #14 swivel [black]
add #6 offset hook with a bit of synth white grub or black fly
then add leader for jig

--- Yellow Perch [vermin!]

#10-12 laser sharp
white grub bit or black fly
2 B weights at hook eye
They are small biters so when the bait vanishes a good jig action is needed. They strike when bait is moving