Low Cost Hunting Tips for Dummies, Atlantic Canada updated: 2002-nov-04

General Rules, Common Mistakes


Recommended Weapons

  1. 12 Gauge Modified Choke, Semi-auto, recoil style
  2. 12 Gauge over under Modified / Full

Recommended Shells for 1. (and why)

chamber 7 1/2 (so you don't blow away the bird if in close, avoid MAX powder loads)

2nd 6 STEEL (you need the speed of steel since the bird is accelerating away, again don't blow it away)

3rd 4/2 STEEL (last chance and use a high velocity shot, draw a lead [get ahead] of target)


White-Tail Deer

Common mistakes

Best All Around Gun: 270

Scenarios / Situations

Stalk and Jump, (bush)

Recommended Weapons

Gun choke action sites Shell #1 Shell #2 Shell #3
12 Gauge 3" Full or Modified Semi-gas ball 00 Buck .33 00 Buck .33 1600fps slug rifled or SABOT 1300
30-30 n/a Bolt, short barrel
150 grain (not 180ST !) 150 grain (not 180ST !) 150 grain (not 180ST !)
for Bucks only

270 n/a semi (gas) scope removed 100 PSP (not 150!) 100PSP 130 PP
6.5 Swedish Mauser n/a bolt scope removed 139 139 139


Tree Stands or Blinds <80 yrds, (dusk / dawn)

Anything goes here except a 303 Savage!

Gun notes Doe (1300) Buck (1900) Large Buck (2200)
243 recoil semis are nice 80 100 (1600) n/a
30-30 old faithfull 150 (1300) NO NO
32-Special often in lever 170 (1300) maybe NO
270 a deer killer NO 100 (2000) 130 (2300)
6.5 Swedish Mauser n/a NO 139 139
30-06 over -killer NO 125 (2100) 125
303 British cheap bolt action are common NO 180 (2000) 180
308 (7.62 NATO) very common no 150PP (2000) 150 SILVER (2200)
ShotGun Alternatives

12 Gauge FULL for 2 3/4"

Modified for 3" or 3.5"
1300fps SABOT 1300 or 1600fps SLUG 1600fps SLUG


Cheap ShotGun Tip:

You can use a shotgun near dark and here's how. By using Glow-in-the-dark stickers you can cut a square for the block just under your front sight. Glue it on. Place your back sight just below the gun ridges and on the on the slope place [a star which you cut into] an arrow head, glue this on so the arrow points at you. This forms a V shape for your rear sight. Now to get the sights to glow you must charge them with a light. Charge the front sight with you vehicle head lights for 20mins or use a halogen pocket light for 10mins at your stand. Cover the light so it only shines on the glow part. You can charge your rear sight with a flashlight while it is propped up on your stand. Be quiet !

Open or Fields 100-300 yards

Recommended Weapons

Gun choke action sights 100 yrds 200yrds 300yrds
270 n/a any scope 4-12x40mm or 9 power 100 PSP 130PP 130PP [not 150] 130 holds near 1300foot/pounds at this range, more than a .308 180!
6.5 Swedish Mauser n/a bolt scope 4-12x40mm or 9 power 139 139 n/r
308 (7.62 NATO) n/a any 4-12x40mm or similar 150 grain (not 180ST !) 180 SP 180 Silver Tip

12 Gauge 3" or 3 1/2" Modified [not FULL] Semi-gas scope or rifle sights 1300fps SABOT 1600fps SLUG 1600fps SLUG


MOOSE - Open or Fields 100-400+ yards

Recommended Weapons

Gun action sights 100 yrds 200yrds 400yrds !
270 any 4-12x40mm or better 150PP 150PP 150PP
308 (7.62 NATO) any 4-12x40mm or similar 180 Silver Tip 180 Silver Tip 180 Silver Tip
any see above heavy grain heavy grain medium grain
Cheap Alternatives

7.62x54R Mosin-Nagant bolt (long barrel) put on a side mount scope 9x40mm, and you've got a vintage sniper rifle 180SP 180SP 180SP


Disclaimer: I am not an expert, just that I have developed some tips and seen many stupid hunters. Enjoy.

Galen Thurber