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Guarantee: Neither ZIP file or contents contain any: virii, worms, trojans or prank software; nor does the patch damage FA
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Step 2of2 INSTALL
in only 3 easy steps:
  1. 2x click on GT_PATCH.exe/zip that you downloaded or unzip into your FA folder
  2. hit OK to install to the default FA location [if you moved your FA location enter it now]
  3. reboot, to clear memory


GT is designed NOT to work with custom 3rd party libs or patches AS an anti-cheat feature. Do not use GT with other custom LIBS / Patches or maps unless specified.
Limited testing has shown that GT will work (in fact reduces lag, and crashing) with custom BMC ABA maps but NOT both BMC objects & maps

Compatibility listing (with MAX settings) for BMC Maps:
  • 16,19, 25, 32
  • 34 (GT47)
LOBBY sites:

GT patch has worked very well in the past detecting cheaters. There is no guarantee it will continue to do so.

GT Anti-cheat patch is supported on EFCN

HyperLobby has banned supporters and users of GT. Boycott HL
Troubleshooting always use the BLUE FA CD If FA crashes REBOOT
1. you must reboot to clear memory 2. you must not have too many missions installed 3. you must not have other libs/patches installed 4. delete your ea.cfg file in your FA folder


move all GT-xxx.lib files found in your FA folder into a subfolder or desktop
run GT.bat included in the download which should exist in your FA folder. It toggles FA between REALISM / ARCADE mode every time you click it. Very easy. TIP: make a link to GT.bat on your desktop
THE PARANOID METHOD: delete FA and reinstall FA [use must reboot]

Uninstall MANUAL

go to the FA folder and delete g*.* beware to protect any custom files that begin with g GT installs no hidden files
MISSION PACK DOWNLOAD over 100 missions: 0.5Meg approx
1976 and beyond

City fight maps, race tracks, modern Chechnya, Kosovo, Korea, IAF, demos ...

Cold War, Yom Kippur many more, India Pakistan, Vietnam, X-15, Avro Arrow,....

Red Baron, Bishop, Pearl, Midway, Coral Sea, Eastern Front, Taiwan, Dolittle, Peenamunde, Berlin, Battle of Britain ... all coming
Notes: missions and ABA
custom map. Install: unzip into your FA subfolder. Move missions you want to the FA folder. GT required missions start with the letter G (easy to find)
IMPORTANT MISSION PACK NOTES: only run one mission set at a time, due to the limitation of number of missions FA allows to be active at any given start FA will crash if you have too many missions loaded! Solution: move extra *.m files to another folder Mission pack is updated more often than the patch

BETA/workshop notes
Bonus Campaign Patches
  • last updated: March 22th, 2002
  • version: BETA 10
  • size 1.2 MEG

  • more pilot photos, including famous aces
  • smarter enemy AI
  • inventories match side and era
  • planes match theatre
  • realistic CAP and enemy numbers
  • non-arcadish

  • must have GT patch installed
  • unzip to your FA folder
  • pilots must join campaigns fresh

BALTIC: missions are not repaired yet
  • Weapons: Meteor ...
  • fly: EF2000, Gripen, F22 ...
  • campaign stores match NATO inventory

Kurile status:
  • loadouts ready, missions are not
  • Fly: Av8B+, SeaHarrier2, F-35
  • campaign stores match USN inventory
  • meteor-p included
  • modern theatre enemy

Level: [hard]
Vietnam: status: missions are not repaired yet
  • Weapons: Aim4d / RB27 added
  • campaign stores match USN inventory
  • fly F-4B/N, F-4BG[ww], F-8
  • proper theatre for enemy

Level: medium

  • rebuilding for complete Russian play
  • Vlad Campaign 2005
  • complete and stable March scenery for Vlad
  • Fly: S37, Su37, Su24, Su33KUB, Tu160,
  • enemy with modern planes, J8II, J7MG, Su27SMK, JH7A ...
  • campaign stores match CIS inventory
  • missions 1-13 are ready
  • missions 14-40 are partialy ready [HARD!]
Level: [medium-very hard]

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