Sailplanes, Tow Planes and Ultralights by Galen Thurber for Jane's Combat Sims: FA

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If you haven't flown in a glider (soaring in a sailplane)- you must give it a try! Superb and fairly cheap


FA Sim Limitations

Thermal - throttle chart:

Generic sailplane characteristics

Suggested ATFG/FA graphics setting to MAX objects with textures and shading [only use best textures if you have MMX 230 or higher]

Glider/Sailplanes Specs etc etc to do
Pilatus B-4 PC11
aerobatic - gear 1 crew
higher stall speed tricky high G

stall warning is short
do not rudder on ground
SZD-48 Jantar aerobatic
Viking 104 Canada late sixties


dangerous to fly
2 seaters
Grob 103
Twin Astir II
glob130 via rvss atfg body = de2

good cross country dual mount
created sep 05/1998
my version limited to 20,000 - no oxygen

SZD-50-3 "Puchacz"
dual version
limited aerobatic

2 crew
stall warning is short
beware of rudder on stall
Schweizer SGS 2-33 dual version
high sink rate
2 crew
Blanic L-13 Polish with gear and flaps


self propelled
DG-400 not started - propeller 2
Tow planes
Citabria 150hp
limited performance so computerized glider can simulate tow
speed limited below 5000 to ~80kts for towing -complete with new sound
L-19 II
Challenger II

Rotax 503
Challenger II
Clipped Wing
Rotax 5..
Hawk Classic
Rotax 377
Tail dragger
testing GT R41 Vs= 26, Vne=85 Sink 400/fpm

L/d: 8.8:1 [83/6]
Me=254, Mt=530

x-wind=32km !
Hawk Plus
Hawk II
generic scribbles to do:

use ratio elevator, aileron, rudder 1:2:4
increase rudder yaw to do:

wing tip aileron drag, rudder yaws, roll

sample screen captures

[on ground with runner]

glider and tow in background over south of England


glider in a high tow position after going through a thermal, Cu s, Ci, channel, field in background

[glider high tow

created 1998-09-05

revision: 2000-08-23