IAF series
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IAF KFIR C-9 "Tiger"

{short description of image}
1994  - Fighter, Strike   

m2000 body baseline +8.2 G 
one GE404 engine, General Electric [like F18A/C] 
C9 upgraded to carry Active Radar Weapons [C2 no] 

hardpoints 4 on fuse 
center multi ejector ready 

series 2 mods 
stall = 136m /  215k 
struc 750/1560k  wheel & brakes reduced 
v= m 2.31 @ 36 1713  / 2740k 
v = m 1.1  @ 0 = 726t / 816m 1305k 
inner pylons split up [to disallow big weapon loads] 
AGM88 on left AIM 7 on right
radar gunsights 
drawbacks = rough down low, limited radar

series 3 mods -updated Oct 14 98
+ new shape and texture


AG version 1980/86
engine J79 [Phantom]
ranging radar only no SAR / AR
baseline C-9

Mirage III C-I
Nesher / Dagger

Mirage III C for Israel
G = 7.2
no canard,
later converted into C-1 F-11A with a 1/2 canard

mirage engine 9C
no fuse HPs
only centerline can carry SARH weapons

tips / notes: high loaded performance reductions, hydralics limit high speed low altitude envelope, CAN be flow apart in high speed dives. Superb climbing abilities

see USA
1973 skyhawk  Israel M/N, Marines M 

shape from Planes.lib 1.0 '99/04

eng = 11,200 J65p 408 
fuel =1,600lb consumpt 3  range=80miles 
weight= 10,400 mtow=24,500 
guns 2x 20mm 200rnd total [boresite] 
max range=  ~700 
baseline= a7, body x31 desert 
v= 673m @ 0 1080k [structural] 
G= -2 , + 6.5 
radar apg53 [using a10] 
max climb 85 = ~10,000'/min 
hardpoints are split up: 
6 mk82 centerline 
3 on each inner HP iron ir, 
outer semi active rdr rdy sparrow or bullpup or ir a2a 
extra references: Profile, A4 A-F & Harry S Gann concise data 

texture redone july 26 99

note: lush green scheme [not perfect yet]

replaces game f16E version 
This is a massive realistic improvement over the fanasty game F16A desert!
All the FA ATFG Falcons are cheats! Shame on EA!
If you have flown Falcon 3.05 you'll remember the 'feel' of this mud mover [less nagging Nellie] 
G = +9, -4 
cons - limited radar apg66 

f-16b15 israel

skin redone july 28th 99 [not perfect]

note: pale [kfir] green

for more F-16s see USA
F-4E block 41
no tiseo, no wing fence
'69? - '72
{short description of image}

note blue green patches
for more see USA

F-4 E block 60

wing fence, slatted, better manouverability, lower stall, better spin recovery
F-4 E Kurnass 2000

' 90 ge404 engine, defa, apg65 [f18] better range, AR ready

for more mirages see main ref file


M163 AAA joined in '76

AH64 '90

AH1 '76