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TIPS for better AI
The ABA building tutorial by Cargo. Amazing! Custom CHAT file - Very useful in ABA - save to your FA folder
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TIPS for better AI

Many of us have noticed predicatable reactions in enemy AI. This can be easily cured. Why? Most mission builders have enemy AI reactions that are predicatable [MAX reaction], they will lock on and follow the decoy oblivious to other planes and their escorting duties. This makes it easy for wingman to score and very hard for the decoy [sacrificial lamb] For more variety on missions here are some things that I have found to work very well.

We've seen the stacking up of enemy AI like cattle off to slaughter; try the alternate. You'll like it

Filenames for voice effects (English)   ^AARRRGH.5K
"Aaargh..."  ^ABRFORM.5K  "Line abreast formation"
^AEROFLT.5K  "This is Aeroflot flight..."  ^AIRBORN.5K  "Airborne"
^ALMSTHM.5K  "We're almost home!"  ^ALRIGHT.5K  "All right!"
^APEXCHF.5K  "Apex inbound, drop chaff!"  ^APPTRGT.5K  "Approaching
Target"  ^ATOLFLR.5K  "Atoll inbound, drop flare!"  ^ATTACK.5K  "Attack"
^ATUS.5K  "He's coming right at us"  ^ATYOU.5K  "He's coming
right at you"  ^BANDIT6.5K  "Bandit at six, break!"  ^BANSVIR.5K 
"Bandits, visual range"  ^BANTAIL.5K   "Bandit on your tail"
 ^BEAUT1.5K  "Beautiful!" ^BINGO.5K  "Bingo fuel" 
^BLEWIT.5K  "I think we blew  ^BOGEYHI.5K "Bogies, high inbound" 
^BOGEYLO.5K  "Bogies, low inbound", ^BOMBAWY.5K  "Bombs away"
 ^BOYGLAD.5K  "Boy, am I glad to see you" ^BREAK2.5K  "Break!"
 ^BREATH1.5K  ""  ^BRGARND.5K  "Bring it around"," 
^BRKUP.5K  "He's breaking up!"  ^BUGOUT.5K  "Bug out" 
^BULLS1.5K  "Bullseye"  ^BULLS2.5K  "Bullseye!" ^BURN2.5K  "Turn'n'burn,
baby"  ^CALLBLL.5K  "Call the ball", ^CATFAIL.5K  "Cat
failure, EJECT!"  ^CATONE.5K  "Cat one!" ^CLOSING.5K  "He's
closing"  ^CLRDECK.5K  "Clear the deck! Emergency crews ready!" 
^CLRLAND.5K  "Clear to land"  ^CLRMY6.5K  "Clear my six", 
^CMPTRD.5K  "My computer's down"  ^CNTTONE.5K  "I can't get a
tone"  ^COMARND.5K  "He's coming around"  ^CONTACT.5K  "Contact,"
^CONTCT2.5K  "Contact"  ^CRSHBRN.5K  "Crash and burn"
^DEBRIS.5K  "Debris is flying"  ^DNCNT.5K  "He's down for the
count"  ^DNTLIKE.5K  "I don't like this"  ^DO180.5K  "Do a
180" ^DOHIM.5K  "Do him!"  ^DONTOVR.5K  "Don't overshoot!"
^EASEUP.5K  "Ease up on the stick..."  ^EATLD.5K  "I'm
eatin'lead!"  ^EJECT.5K  "Ejecting"  ^EJECTX3.5K  "Eject!
Eject! Eject!"  ^ENGAGE.5K  "Engaging"  ^EVASV.5K  "Evasive
action!" ^FINISH.5K  "Let's finish this guy"  ^FIRBALL.5K  "we
have a fireball"  ^FIRMISS.5K  "Firing missile"  ^FRAGGED.5K  "He's
getting fragged!"  ^FRLAND.5K  "Fair landing"  ^FT_DRYA.5K  "Feet
dry"  ^FT_WETA.5K  "Feet wet"  ^GDHUNT.5K  "Good hunting"
^GDKILL.5K  "Good kill!"  ^GDLAND.5K  "Good landing"
^GDLUCK.5K  "Good luck"  ^GDSHOT.5K  "Good shot!"  ^GETEM.5K
 "Alright, let's get 'em"  ^GETGUY.5K  "Let's get this guy" 
^GETUGLY.5K  "It's gettin ugly!"  ^GOFLAM.5K  "He's goin' down in
flames"  ^GOODHIT.5K "Good hit!"  ^GOTAWAY.5K  "That one got
away"  ^GOTCPNY.5K  "We got company!"  ^GOTHIM.5K  "Got him!"
^GOTMULT.5K  "We've got multiple ground targets"  ^GOTNOW2.5K  "We've
got him now" ^GRUNT4.5K  "" ^GUYGOOD.5K  "This guy's good"
 ^HEADSUP.5K  "Heads up"  ^HEAT.5K  "I'm takin' heat" 
^HELLPAY.5K  "You'll have hell to pay for this, mister"  ^HESFALL.5K  "He's
fallen and he can't get up!"  ^HEYALON.5K  "Hey! You're not gonna
leave us alone are you?" ^HOOHOO.5K  "Hoo-hoo!"  ^HOTLEAD.5K  "Eat
hot lead!" ^HURTIN.5K  "He's hurtin' now"  ^IGO.5K  "I'm
going for it" ^IGOAF.5K  "I'm going after him"  ^IMAAA.5K  "I'm
taking AAA" ^IMDMGE2.5K  "I'm taking damage" ^IMFUMES.5K  "I'm
running on fumes"  ^IMGOOD.5K  "I'm a good guy, remember?" 
^IMHIT2.5K  "I'm hit"  ^IMOUTTA.5K  "I'm outta here!" 
^IMPACT.5K  "Impact!" ^IMSHOT.5K  "I'm taking a shot" 
^IMYOUR.5K  "I'm on your side" ^INPOSI.5K  "He's moving in
position"  ^JOKER.5K  "Joker fuel" ^KNOCK.5K  "Knock him out"
 ^LAUNCH.5K  "Launch when ready" ^LKSKILL.5K  "He looks skilled"
 ^LOCKHIM.5K  "Lock him up" ^MESSUP.5K  "We're messing up" 
^MISSACC.5K  "Mission accomplished!"  ^MISSBRK.5K  "Missile
inbound! Break!"  ^MISSCLS.5K  "Missile closing, break!" 
^MISSLCH.5K  "Missile launch!" ^MLTRY-A.5K  "Alpha"  B
through y  ^MLTRY-Z.5K  "Zulu" ^NAILED.5K  "Damn! looks like they
nailed 'er"  ^NOBADET.5K  "No bandits detected"  ^NOMEDAL.5K  "We're
not getting any medals outta this"  ^NOROOK.5K  "He's no rookie" 
^NOTGOOD.5K  "This is NOT good"  ^NOTOREP.5K  "Nothing to report"
 ^NOTPLSD.5K  "The CO won't be pleased"  ^NVYPUKE.5K  "All right
you Navy pukes.." ^OBJDEST.5K  "Mission objective destroyed!" 
^OFFBEAM.5K  "Stay off his beam"  ^OFFME.5K  "Get this guy off me"
 ^OHSH.5K  "Oh, sh..."  ^OHYEAH.5K  "Oh, yeah!"  ^OHYES.5K  "Impact!
Boom! Oh, yes!"  ^ONBALL.5K  "On the ball"  ^ONHIM.5K  "I'm
on him" ^ONTAIL.5K  "He's back on our tail"  ^OUTFUEL.5K  "I'm
out of fuel.  I'm punching out"  ^OUTGAS.5K   "We're out of gas"
^OUTTA.5K  "I'm outta here"  ^PLSADVS.5K  "please advise"
^PLSASST.5K  "We're under fire, please assist"  ^PLTSHT2.5K  "C'mon,
do some of that pilot shit"  ^PUNCH.5K  "I'm punching out"
^RADIOBP.5K  ""  ^RDYFUN.5K  "Ready to have some fun?"
^RDYCAT.5K  "Ready on the cat"  ^RDYROLL.5K  "Ready to roll"
^REELING.5K  "We're reeling him in"  ^ROTATE.5K  "Rotate, rotate!",
^SAMLCH.5K  "SAM launch"  ^SCORCH.5K  "I'm gettin scorched!"
^SEEHELL.5K  "I'll see you in hell"  ^SHAKHM.5K  "better shake
him" ^SHWTIME.5K "Showtime!"  ^SMMOVE.5K  "He's got some
moves" ^SPLBNDT.5K  "Splash one bandit!"  ^SPLMIG1.5K  "Splash
one MiG!" ^STANDBY.5K  "Standby"  ^STATIC.5K  "" 
^STEADY.5K  "Steady" ^SWCMISS.5K  "Switch to missiles" 
^TAKOFF2.5K  "Cleared for takeoff"  ^TALLYHO.5K  "Tally Ho" 
^TARGET.5K  "target" ^TKOUT.5K  "Take him out"  ^UCRAZY2.5K 
"Are you crazy?" ^USOUT.5K  "Get us outta here"  ^WAVEOFF.5K
 "Wave off" ^WCHTAIL.5K  "Watch my tail"  ^WEFUMES.5K  "We're
running on fumes" ^WELBACK.5K  "Welcome back"  ^WELHOME.5K  "Welcome
home" ^WESHAKE.5K  "We can't shake him"  ^WHOSIDE.5K  "Whose
side you On?"  ^WHTHELL.5K  "What the hell are you doing?" 
^WIPEOUT.5K  "wipeout!" ^WNGLDR.5K  "You're the Wingleader now"
 ^WRLDSHT.5K  "We're in a world of s%$@!"  ^WTCHOUT.5K  "Watch
out!"  ^YAAAAAH.5K  "Yaaaah" ^YAHOO3.5K  "Yahoo!" 
^YEEHAW2.5K  "Yee-haw!"  ^YOUCRZY.5K  "Are you crazy?" 
^YOUNUTS.5K  "Are you nuts?"    Filenames for sound effects    &AAA.5K
  "AAA"  &AIREXP2.5K   "Air explosion" &ARMWPN.5K   "load
weapon"  &BIGAAA.5K   "Heavy AAA"  &BIGEXP1.5K  "Big
explosion"  &BIGEXP2.5K   "Bigger explosion"  &BULLTS4.5K
 "ricochet - BULLTS1-4"  &CANNON1.5K   "cannon fire"  &CATPULT.5K
 "cat launch"  &CRASH.5K   "Plane crash"  &CHERNOB.5K
 "Chernobyl radiation warning"  &EJECT.5K   "ejection"  &EXPL13.5K
 "Explosions - Expl3,7,9,10,11,12,13"  &FLAPCLS.5K   "Sound
Clip"  &FLAPOPN.5K   "Sound Clip"  &GEARDWN.5K   "Sound
Clip"  &GEARUP.5K   "Sound Clip"  &GUNLOOP.5K   "machine
gun"  &HRGUN1.5K   "Harrier gun"  &MEDEXP1.5K   "Sound
Clip"  &MEDEXP2.5K   "Sound Clip"  &POWERUP.5K   "Engine
spool up"  &POWERDN.5K   "Engine power down"  &RADAR1.5K 
 "radar ping"  &RDRLOCK.5K   "A-G weapon lock tone"  &RWRDTCT.5K
  "RWR warning tone"  &RWRIR.5K   "IR warning tone"  &RWRLOCK.5K
 "RDR missile inbound warning"  &SHIP2.5K   "naval vessel",
&SQACK1.5K   "IFF unknown" &SQACK2.5K   "IFF friendly"
&SQUEAL.5K   "tire squeal"  &STALL.5K   "Sound Clip"
 &WTREXP2.5K  "water explosion"   Filenames for Vietnamese voice
effects voice effects similar except they start with #  #AARRGH2.5K #APEXCHF.5K

Aircraft deck icons for briefings  Copy and paste
these into your briefing (mt) files  .picture ICO2A4E	A-4E Skyhawk .picture
ICO2A7		A-7E Corsair II .picture ICO2AST	ASTOVL X-32 .picture ICO2AV8	Av-8B
Harrier II .picture ICO2B2		B-2 Spirit .picture ICO2C130	C-130 Hercules .picture
ICO2E20	E2000 .picture ICO2F104	F-104N Starfighter .picture ICO2F117	F-117A
Nighthawk .picture ICO2F14	F-14D Tomcat .picture ICO2F16	F-16A Falcon .picture
ICO2F18	F/A- 18D Hornet .picture ICO2F22	F-22A Raptor .picture ICO2F29	X-29 FSW
.picture ICO2F31	X-31 EFM .picture ICO2F4B	F-4B Phantom II .picture ICO2F4J	F-4J
Phantom II .picture ICO2F8J	F-8J Crusader .picture ICO2GRI	Saab Grippen .picture
ICO2M17F	MiG-17 Fresco .picture ICO2M21	MiG-21 Fishbed .picture ICO2M21F	MiG-21F
Fishbed .picture ICO2RAF	Raphael .picture ICO2SEA	Sea Harrier .picture
ICO2SU33	Su-33 Flanker-D .picture ICO2SU35	Su-35 .picture ICO2Y141	Yak-141  

Weapon/seeker/other icons for briefings Copy and paste these into your briefing (mt) files .picture $AA10 AA-10 Alamo Icon .picture $AA11 AA-11 Archer Icon .picture $AA11B AA-11B Backfire Icon .picture $AA12 AA-12 Adder Icon .picture $AA2D AA-2D Atoll Icon .picture $AA6 AA-6 Acrid Icon .picture $AA8 AA-8 Aphid Icon .picture $AA9 AA-9 Amos Icon .picture $AAML AM-L Anti-AWACS Icon .picture $AAS38 FLIR pod Icon .picture $AGM65G AGM-65A / AGM-65G Maverick Icons .picture $AGM84A AGM-84A Harpoon Icon .picture $AGM84E AGM-84E SLAM Icon .picture $AGM88 AGM-88 HARM / AGM-45B Shrike Icons .picture $AIM120 AIM-120 AMRAAM / AEMP missile Icons .picture $AIM54C AIM-54C Phoenix Icon .picture $AIM7 AIM7 / AIM-7E Sparrow Icons .picture $AIM9B AIM-9B Sidewinder Icon .picture $AIM9M AIM-9M Sidewinder Icon .picture $AIM9X AIM-9X Sidewinder Icon .picture $ALE40 Chaff/flare pod .picture $ALQ167 ALQ-167 / ALQ-72 Jammer pod Icons .picture $AM39 AM-39 Exocet Icon .picture $AS14 AS-14 Kedge Icon .picture $AS15 AS-15 Icon .picture $AS16 AS-16 Kickback Icon .picture $AS30 AS 30L Icon .picture $AS7 AS-7 Kerry Icon .picture $AT12 AT-12 Swinger Icon .picture $AT2 AT-2 Swatter Icon .picture $B13 B-13L Rocket Pod Icon .picture $B8 B-8M1 Rocket Pod Icon .picture $CBU87 CBU-87/B Cluster Icon .picture $CBU89 CBU-97/B Cluster Icon .picture $F150 150/250/350/500 gal ext. fuel tank Icons .picture $FAB1000 FAB-1000 M62 Icon .picture $FAB250 FAB-250 M62 Icon .picture $FAB500 FAB-500 M62 Icon .picture $GBU10 GBU-10 / GBU-10E Paveway Icons .picture $GBU28 GBU-28/B Icon .picture $GBU29 GBU-27 / GBU-29 JDAM Icons .picture $GBU29 GBU-29P JDAM /GBU-30 JDAM Icons .picture $LAU10 LAU-10 Rocket Pod Icon .picture $LAU61 LAU-61 Rocket Pod Icon .picture $MICA Mica Icon .picture $MK20 Mk 20 Rockeye II Icon .picture $MK82 MK-82 Slick Icon .picture $MK82AIR MK-82 AIR 7-Pack Icon .picture $MK82HD MK-82 Snakeye Icon .picture $MK82P MK-82HD 6-Pack Icon .picture $MK82P3C MK-82 3-Pack Icon .picture $MK84 MK-84 Slick Icon .picture $PAVESPK Paveknife / Pavespike Icons .picture $PL10 Chinese PL-10 Icon .picture $PL7 Chinese PL-7 Icon .picture $R530 Super 530 Icon .picture $R550 R-550 Magic 2 Icon .picture $RBK250 RBK-250 Cluster Icon .picture $RBK500 RBK-500 Cluster Icon
Pre-loaded - pre loading aircraft in .M file TIP: You can reduce fuel in .M BUT it is unwise to do so for your wingmen because they are very unwise with fuel usage, they use afterburner to formation and attack. Quick HOW-TO: Edit the .M file and find the plane object [it is good practice to name your planes inside of FA mission builder first so you can find them later] Here are some cut & pastes you can use inside .M file with GT patch [tested with GT 36 maybe be incorrect with later GT releases] Mig 23 on CAP & lite ASM late 80's obj type MIG23.PT ... fuel 90 hardpoint 4 2 FAB500.JT hardpoint 7 2 AA8.JT F-4D on CAP 80's obj type F4.PT hardpoint 4 2 AIM9JNP.JT hardpoint 5 2 AIM9JNP.JT hardpoint 6 2 AIM9JNP.JT F-5 early on low CAP 80-90's obj .. hardpoint 4 2 AIM9JNP.JT hardpoint 5 2 AIM9JNP.JT hardpoint 6 2 AIM9JNP.JT F-5E CAP mid 70s obj type F5E.PT hardpoint 4 2 F150.GAS hardpoint 5 2 AIM9JNP.JT hardpoint 7 2 AIM9JNP.JT . F-104 InterceptMid 70s obj type F104G.PT hardpoint 4 2 ALE40.ECM hardpoint 5 2 AIM9JNP.JT hardpoint 6 2 AIM9JNP.JT . F-16A ASM 80-90's obj type F16E.PT ... hardpoint 5 6 AS30.JT hardpoint 6 2 AIM9JNP.JT hardpoint 7 2 AIM9JNP.JT hardpoint 8 2 AIM9JNP.JT . MiG 21on CAP late 80's obj type MIG21.PT ... hardpoint 3 1 F150.GAS hardpoint 4 2 AA8.JT hardpoint 5 2 AA8.JT A4c on CAP 80s hardpoint 2 1 F150.GAS hardpoint 3 1 F150.GAS hardpoint 4 1 F150.GAS hardpoint 5 2 AIM9JNP.JT TU26.PT on 60s strike - with A2A hardpoint 6 2 FAB500.JT hardpoint 7 4 AA6.JT fuel 50 -END