NAM series
[A6B dive in !]

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GT R43 and beyond correct the Vietnam campaign in FA, to realism levels.

to play FATMANs in REALISM mode, you must have

  1. FATMAN's NAM LIB 1.00 [1.9g]
  2. GT libs release 18 or higher

Why is this the best NAM series out there?

Historical Missions ported and major reworks [from FaTZ, by GT]:

GN65718 fly for south [hard] or north 1965

Fantastic flight models: A-6B, A-4C, F4-B, F110-A, Mig15bis, Mig-17s, Mig-21s, more ...

Captures:: dive loop bombing A6, more A-6s, Mig21 kills a B, you can make it home -sure take slot one in the circuit!

In mission GN65618s fly one of 30 B-52s ! too many, F-100D finds the who makes the thunder - July 1965

for more US details & specs see USA page

created 1999/07/16