Newbie's Guide to Surviving the Online Virtual Skies

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How and why
use voice chat whenever possible far far less misunderstandings, and you get see others are real people just like you
avoid ICQ security holes, and you never know who has a disliking for you and they can cause a lot of havoc on your connection
really avoid IRC not only do you expose your IP#, malicious programs can be dropped right onto your computer
try to avoid Jane's Combat Net it's full of troublesome posturing punks; join IP# groups
get and run a firewall or protection something like Zone Alarm - don't run it in HIGH security it will foul many net games, set it to MED.
If you run BlackICE set it to Nervous and NOT Paranoid [too restrictive, too many false alarms]
avoid warez firewall, trojan scanner they are often guaranteed to contain a trojan horse which gives remote hidden access to your computer
avoid being impatient real life pilots spend many hours preparing for flights, delays happen. Be nice
never be abusive go down a path you can't return from
don't trade in serialz or warez others are often much smarter than you, you end up being infected or sued
avoid people with aliases they hide their agenda, often you can't trust their credentials
don't volunteer you personal info there are nut cases frequent message boards
tell the truth when you lie you have to remember too much
play as a team hot shots expose the team to losses
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