Galen Thurber's "Global Tribunal" - Realism Rebuild for Jane's Combat Flight Simulation FA - README

Looking for the best envelopes and aerodynamics for FA? Look right here where it was done first: climb, bank, roll, dive angles, drag, loaded drag, loaded reductions, gear pitch / drag, radar / ir signatures, Vne, Ceiling, G tables, FBW, wheel / air brakes, flap performance, nose wheel speeds, sink values, vertical landing speeds, polars, angle of approach, AOA, stall, multi behavioral spins, torque, super chargers, engine spool up, rudder, ...

Looking for the best realism in guns, weapon and ECM performance? Look right here where it was done first: speeds vs altitude, climb and turn rates, burn turns, final tracking: Guns: bubbles and offsets, fire rates, jamming, initial and final speeds, ...

Another big plus! You wont see GT impersonating military heroes or otherwise con you !

NEWS - 2003

{short description of image} Feb 02nd - Patch Release 54 "Columbia" Tribute to Columbia STS-107

NEWS - 2002

Aug 13th - validation via GPG/OpenPGP signatures re added, to ensure tamper proof ZIP files. ZIP file's asc signature will validate to key ID: B311AA89 . Beware of imposter GT patches on other sites; they deliberately contain trojans / virii to discredit me.

March 22nd - Major Patch Release 53 "Primer"

March 19th - Patch Release 52 "Pickup"

February 28th - Campaign Patch 03 - more campaign repairs and rebuilds see Download page BETA section.

February 20th - Campaign Patch 01 - Vlad Scenery Texture and Map and Campaign are here!: modern weapon inventory, modern enemy, smarter enemy. see Download page BETA section.

January 28th - Major Patch Release 51 "POW" - NEW HOST iPOWER. They ARE P.O.W.s USA!!!

RAFALES ARE HERE: -C ADF, -D stealth, -M Marine all with quality generations 8 fight modelling. J8II converted and upgraded to -M with realistic envelopes. Tornado IDS new Desert Skin and more realistic envelope [still in beta]

Bug fixes: a laser targeting pod was acting up causing big troubles. Now fixed with modern laser targeting pod are: f117a, f111f, f15e, f16c, tornados, rafale. Bad shape for Tornado removed [caused memory leak and wrong skin match. GBUs repaired % over range and ECM%, look down nulled, dates fixed. Small arms fire effectiveness WAY too high [fixed with added reductions]. PL-10 now just Aim7MH. Blast radius for GP bombs much higher [less damage], hence fell the shake from shockwaves. Removed multiple objects

New weapon: RCM Durundal 3pack [removed GBU12 to make room for it].

Special Thanks to tester Steve White who got me hunting for bugs. Good job.

January 07th - Major Patch Release 50 "Gold" - India Pakistan Theatre: objects F-7MG, Su30MKI, drivable tanks, AAA & SAMs, improved roll rates on generation *8 aircraft modifications. Pakistan missions coming soon... maybe some Campaigns!


Generation 8 envelope mods schema changed, added rudder roll rates to get higher roll rates, ( FA bugs on default roll rate linked to fuel - this needs to be worked around - mods under review)

Helicopters: reduced over-unstable behaviour so they can be flown without too much stress

more mods:

SAMs all improved: Sa2a updated. NEW Sa2q/hq2 [china] alt=15miles, range 19miles, reload 15mins!, speed 1250m/s. Sea Sparrow now RIM7H model mid 1980's.

Mortar/Artillery: m1975 rebuilt [testing ground to ground mortars]. scud ssm testing.

NEWS - 2001

December 12 - updates - Bug Note: T-55 object will cause a game crash. New Afghanistan missions:

Screen Shots from mission testing:

Cobra with AC130 overhead

Cobra firing from below Taleban stronghold in mountains

remote view of B-52h over mountain range

S-3B loitering / CAS over range

GBU view of its own downed B-52 (don't fly them low)

November 09th - PATCH RELEASE 49 'ENDURING WAR' - Dedicated to those opposed to this insane fascist war in the name of Terrorism. "Kill 5 men,and you are a murderer. Kill 5,000,000 more, and you are a conqueror. Kill everyone, and you are a god!" -Anon

NEW Planes:

  1. S-3B Viking [maverick platform] I used A-6B baseline, but slower loftier, shape is game An-12
  2. F-35C JSF roll 220 deg/s !!? JSF data -C aoa 20, m1.22 @ ? 34,000 G=5.0/4.8 stol 60kts [replaces astovle in sim and campaigns]
  3. LCA 1983/2001/2002/2005 7 stations. India's cheap answer to F-16
  4. UMA Predator drone, go on patrol for hours shoot a truck or two [hellfire simulated with AT2 swatter HEAT]

little fixes: r27p date. f1e loads. p-47 rails no r27p. f111f laser pod. Removed targetable status for tents, camels, Moose, soldiers etc.. , soldiers and humvee now fire more

Skins: MiG23 skin fixed and matched to proper shape, mig23 bad shape removed [no skin match for it] [note to builders mig27 shape now is actually mig23ML and the mig23 default can be used as a MiG23BN pre 27]. Viggen some undersides done [lacking stable]

Missions coming soon: S-3B over Afghanistan, Av-8b+

June 15th - PATCH RELEASE 48 'JUNE BUG' - Dedicated to Alexander Graham Bell and A.E.A; under rated true pioneers in aviation!

Su37 relaxed nose wheel speeds and sink (yes its landable now, oops), fa18f now can spin, all f16s can now spin with hard work, fixed gbu16 on f15e (its was not locking due to missing laser pod - fixed GBU look down and hardpoint switched from HARM pod to LASER POD), updated demo G000 mission, fa18f now with proper apg73 radar [VACQ/GACQ mosiac modes] and improved approach speeds, switched aim7 with 7e (that fixes vietnam and other campaign stores), f117 ground speed fixed, many wheel brake tweaks, F-9J Cougar (NAM version) with new shape skin plus generation 8b envelopes, minor quick envelope fixes to UMF drones, skin for me163, subdued severe chopper envelopes [several may still be buggy], many landing speeds vertical drop allowance reduced (beware and flare), many tailpipe changes (removal of funny glow-hole), M61 damage tweaks (lowered on armoured/ships)

New Missions; Badger vs US subs, F-9J vs MiG17/19 supply cache, Cobra desert Storm scud hunters.

Campaign tweaks: cloned GRIPEN into F31V F31E, cloned FA18F into ASTOVLV,

April 12th - PATCH RELEASE 47 'GENOME' - Added: EP-3, J-8II [with mission]. Fixed: Arrow weights and low drag, minor lookdown bug in AGM65G, Su15 roll and drag. Upgraded: Harriers [Sea FRS1, FRS2, Av8B plus/GR.5a] flight dynamics to Generation 8 specs! Campaign fixes: two missions in Kurile so it is playable in realism mode. Kurile is now ready for action !

Feb 02nd - PATCH RELEASE 46 'HEDGEHOG' - A2A Missile speeds rebuilt: proper burn, turn, and altitude reductions [envelopes for missiles! first & best on the net!]. Cruise Missile Meteor rebuilt. Gun speeds toolkit breakthroughs, proper speed ranges, recoilless effects and simulated gun jamming added to older mountables. [first & best on the net]Midway objects added: Avenger TBF3, Dauntless-3, Wildcat (higher quality envelopes and hardpoints) updated. WW2 Ships' hardpoints rebuilt so they prioritize their gun / flak / torp usage; meaning better reaction on proper targets. WW2 Torpedoes redone into radar guided so they will load on aircraft. New weight formulas and procedures for med-light prop aircraft; fuel usage on super charger settings. Many fine tuning of WW2 planes. PLANES: Yak38 (baseline, skin shape from Alex, my mods on weps and envelopes) Tu-16 (baseline, skin shape from Alex, fixed up to GT specs) Hunter (baseline from Alex which is a mod from a GT plane, now up to specs for GT). Visual seekers relaxed to allow better horizontal targeting for AI. IR signatures on prop planes and gliders fixed, some jets also improved. Mission packs split up due to max game mission quantity limitation. Battle of Midway in template stages!

Jan 09th - PATCH RELEASE 45 'REVOLUTIONS PER MILLENNIUM' - Bug fixes: removal of corrupted shapes: P-47, P-51, Zero. Su7_S. Fixed weights on Arrows. Laser designation pod fixed on three planes left blind by Pavespike conversion to harm targeting pod in GT R44. NEW 1945 Objects: Me262b1 [interceptor], Me163b Komet [flying coffin!], P-47D, P-51D [skin shape credit James Lewison], Korean era objects: F4U5N [nite fighter], MiG15 [shape and skin 'Dagger'], Hawker Sea Fury. New Peenemünde mission template circa early summer 1945.

Jan 05th - Status Report, GT R45 is in the workshop, get your submissions in soon. Release date approx 10th. Bug fixes and tweaks to mission pack; please upgrade.

{short description of image}NEW 3RD MILLENNIUM - Time to cast away myths & superstitions

NEWS - 2000

Nov 17th - PATCH RELEASE 44 "MAGNUM" Vietnam 72 campaign authentic objects: F-8J [rebuilt into F-8D/E], F-8EFN rebuilt [all F-8s now are generation 8 envelopes/specs=means very realistic]. visual seeker realism updates [limits visual to max 10 degrees; full sweeps lagged AI] which improves AI. F-4K switched sparrows to 7E. F-4K and F-4BG switched places for correct Vietnam campaign. Aim9B now B/C for nam use. Pilot2 object removed. F9F5 overweight fixed. MiG21C changed until MiG21D/J for nam use. FLIR pos is now non targeting as it should be. Pavespike converted into HARM targeting POD for late 90 use. Date fixes on R-29P and BVRAAM, oops. Anti-AWACS now passive! F-102A rebuilt into generation 8 specs. NAM campaigns and missions are awesome!

Nov 16th - Mission PACK updated Dozens of mission rebuilds and mission descriptions. GT R44 coming soon!

Oct 14th - LIB release 43 "2-1 Earth below us ..." Featuring Generation 8 specification envelopes for Su27, Su27SMK, Su33, Su30 [very hard to handle]. Cat speed fixes to Scooters [A-4]. Minor edits to Flankers optimums altitude speeds / limits. New MiG39 baseline, shape & skin from Alex Fauth [GT rebuilt most of envelope]. Splash screen now has release number on it. Last minute fixes to Harriers' CM pods and loadouts; partial Gen 8 envelope for Av8B! BMC [expert ABA] maps removed for better stability and compatibility. GT libs should work fine with BMC1xA only.

Sept 14th - self installer EXE replaces / Missions moved to

Sept 07th - Major LIB release 42 "MDP" Named after MDP what I call the Most Dedicated Pilots for restoring my faith in a mature flight sim community. On with the goodies! BMC14e expert ABA missions included, (U,N,G,F,S,K), Cargo13's SHIPS objects: (converting visual360-visual340 seekers) DD Allen M Sumner Class 800, FFG Broadsword Class, Butler Picket Ship, DDG Adams Class, FFL(M) Dong Hae Class, DD Gearing Class, AAA Gepard AAA, FFL(M) Grisha Class, FFL(M) Grisha Class, AAA Gepard, FFL(M) Grisha Class, CG Kara Class, DD Koltin Class, FFG Krivak II Class, FAC(M) La Combatant Class, Tank Leopard 2, DDG Luda Class, FAC(M) Lurssen FPB Class, MIM-14B Nike Hercules, MIM-104 Patriot, Pomornik, DDG Sheffield Class, CG Slava Class, DDG Spruance Class, FAC(M) Tarantul Class.. .Romania roundel By Frank Valoczy, J-1 Jastreb and J-20 Kraguj baselines By Frank Valoczy (J1 inboard pair 4x551, outer pairs 127mm), Vne 820kmh, Tips for J-1 - take a very long runway flaps down nose 3deg up. Static crashed Zero shape. SA-6 [now SA-6SMobile, great for ABA] & SA-10 rebuilt - so watch out using your jammers and radar! IR A2A missile look down restrictions - older IR can hit ground targets, newer can not. This feature reduces use of IR in irons ABA. Doppler and standard Radars rebuilt. SAMS fire farther away, targetting tweaked for dual peek ranges. Other odds and ends, realistic reduction in missile cones, Soviet ASM look down removed [oops] GT_EXTRA.lib removed

Sept 02

Sept 01 - BUG FIX for GT R41 - lib planes: G-4, Mi24, Draksx attempt to load a missing object B13L - get and only install GT_3of3.lib from it.

Aug 30 Major LIB release 41 "ABA" - FUEL TANKS and ECM return. One big problem in FA is the limit on ordinance objects one can add, add too many and you lose fuel tanks and ECM. This made GT lib too hard for ABA, hence the special edition R40Beta was released with less ordinance. Those days are over this release merges the best of all worlds, all eras, all missions. Ordinance object count reduced [sort of diet] by moving of ordinance: aa10e, aa10re, aa10t, aa12e, aa6t, aa8m, aa9s, agm65b, as14t, as16p, kor1, rbs15, switched rocket pods b13F to bl13, bl8H to bl8 [maintained old pods in GT-EXTRA.lib] to GT-EXTRA.lib. Rebuilt Kosovo Mission gkos903s. Added F/A-18F, minor loadout fixes to Falcons, F117A, G-4... Total volunteer design time=779hrs min

Aug 28th GT R41 Beta testing underway - added Ultralight Hawk, updated iar93a plus to a J22M with a new shape / skin for J22 by Alex Fauth, J22M flight envelope mods from Generation 7b to 8 specs, Cargo's sounds for ships, turrets etc.. see to details. J22M testing mission gj22x.M included

Aug 14th - Centurian FA Game Remod 3.13 review

Aug 01st - Major LIB Release 40 "CM II" - ECM fully functional! [see weapons section for details] ECM database [thanks to Jon Stelling]. Bug fixes to F104 s, F4BG[ww], F4.ecm, Tornado Gr4. NEW planes: Jaguar M [carrier], Tu144 and mission to simulate Concorde disaster, Mirage 4000. NEW skins: Mirage 2000e, 2000. NEW sounds: WW2 pack, small guns, Bf109. Mulitplayer tested ok! Lowers lag! increases frame rate! Total volunteer design time=758hrs min

July 27th - Special Edition for ABA users - Gt-2of2-ABA is stripped down version of GT-R40 beta 2of2, it allows for full use of ECM pods and CM packs. Tested aircraft: F-15e, F-111f, F-22a, F-22n - Get it in the download section inside

July 26th - 369th Tactical Wing [not be confused with GT's 369thTW trademark] command "goes postal" rampage of abuse and censorhip; expected. see special report on squad369th

July 24th - beta build GT40 - rework of all CM and ECM - get in download section. F101B repaired, rebuilt F22, F22n

July 18th - Major LIB release 39 "CM" Major counter measures repairs improvements especially on aircraft that had a7.ecm are now fixed. All weapons now have icons [thanks to "Cargo/tigerm00n" for fills]. New skin [by GT, template from Wrench] for Su25 [great for Czech of Iraq - palette colors 101,91,117]. Damage points of ALL planes harmonized to GT generation spec 7. Mirage 3 series improved: roll rates [which had creaped in unnoticed] , NATO loadouts and French type radars. X15A skin minor changes. New FLYABLE [on the ground] Base Gun: 12xSa7s, 23mm Turret MG [slewing], Dual 105mm Cannon [vertical slewing], night vision. Default DO NOT USE planes have been replaced: mr50=[moves into]m5, mig25=m25, kfirc7=kfir [if you have missions that use the first designation you must point to the new name]. You can now find GT on the redirecting

July 17 - Pearl Harbor Mission updated [], work on GT 39 underway, feedback works! GT 39 will rebuild ECMs CM pods and expand upon some of Vark template ECM objects used in 38 that do not work to specs. Note: R73 and Su39 are not functioning as well as they should. They will be fixed.

Vals over Pearl Harbour

July 14th - BONUS GREAT Missions - Replace lame/boring Air Base Assault and suicide pilots with this great mission based in the Kuriles, Su33KUB, F14B, F14D, F15J. Best played with 6 players, or as little as 2. Tactics and patience required. Custom ABA Screenshots: scary reformation, friendly wing planes July16th - reduced objects for a more stable play and switched forces enemy-friendly

July 05th - LIB Release 38 "38 special" see below plus more envelope tweaking, prop plane rudders. Bug fixes: MF1c, visual seekers (plus testing of reduced forward looking for prop planes), radar lookdown reductions removed. Plane selection screens now have the key in the suffix position [see important key information]. Updated / rebuilt: Raf M, EF2000, X-29A, .. others have minor hi-fi mods so they are flyable. Skins donated by Kevin "Wrench" Stein and Jon "Tigerm00n" Stelling : Tu28, F-102, F-106, Su-25, Tornado Mk 4. Thanks to the flightsimHQ team for bug reports and testing. FlightsimHQ ICQ active list is now OPEN list number=78718364

July 01st - bug fixes in GT37 will be included in upcoming GT Release 38 "38 Special" - DO NOT USE object Mirage F1C [it calls for weapon that does not exist = game crash]. GT38 will fix visual seekers fixes, as well as all close range gun bubbles [which I over looked = oops], it will be released July 5th. Mirror Cafeprogressive is abandoned due to no support, poor performance and file size limitation [1.2M].

June 15th - validation checksums and PGP signatures re added, to ensure tamper proof ZIP files

June 12th - minor LIB Release #37 "Gothac III.VII" Paratroopers, upgraded sailplanes, upgraded Arrow mk2, added Arrow mk1 [beta], WW1 upgrades to Fokker E.III, Airco DH2, added Nieuport 11, 16, Gotha G.V. bomber, LEP rockets for Zepplin busting, test small zepplin, test missions. bug fix, when presing Z to select a plane the sim may crash, now fixed by adding dummy object zzz. Download mirrors started.

June 04th - site moves to . LIB ZIP changed back into one ZIP. alert :

June 03rd - Virtual avenue CENSORS . "Your account with us has been terminated due to the fact that it violated copyright and the site was being used to post non-business related material in violation of the terms of service agreement." VA admin. VA later claimed site was shut down because it was not business. Wrong again, Global Tribunal is product of DiversaCADD. VA is just grasping at straws tocover up their censorship. Stay tuned...

May 31st - Freefind search engine replaces problematic YEP engine. Working on few more sailplanes and my real pilot's license.

March 18th/22nd - ZIP compressed files in 3 [1.2meg max] parts for required storage on - testing of paratroopers, B-52 series

Feb 25th - LIB Release #36 "China chop" All choppers reworked and China {MiG19 Family) featured, also HF-24 Marut [with mission]. Web Page navigation improvements. Bux fixes: Su33KUB, Eject object. [hours=700]

Feb 17th - simHQ special report- facts they don't want you to see.

Feb 16th - LIB Release #35 'Khasm" The artistic lib name symbolizes Kh [Russian] AS [NATO] M [missile] as well representing as the gap [chasm] between open source's lead over the entrenched proprietary flightsims and libmakers. Armed with more objects modelled from Watson's site and flightsimHQ data; plus great icons from John Peterson. This release is a real gem. Features the Su-33KUB and 20+ Soviet missiles [50s - present], massive updates to all seekers. Refinements to fuel consumption. X-15A2 newer skin. Tu128 started. Loadout modified to include new weapons. More ship ECM effectiveness and ASM evading (you might even see a ship fire at a missile, when it is not firing at you). More targetable missiles. Massive update to missiles' & GBUs' altitude limits. GT project again keeps the lead with missions based on current events, such the CIS cargo ship detained in the Persian Gulf. More Chechnya objects, missions as well. [hours=672]

Feb 04th - LIB Release #34 "PIC-NASA" - highlights NASA X-15A2 during speed trials in 1968 [mission included], Mach 5+, X-15A2 shape and skin, [see usa for more details] 30+ new weapon icons, climb fixes to Flankers and Mil-24s, and lots of lib hacking / testing. Bookmarks updated nearly 400 links! [hours=640]

Jan 24th - LIB Release #33 "MIGSU's LP" - Su27B [early/export], Su27SMK [China], Su-30MK [A2G], Su-32FN [upgraded], Su-37Z [demostrator, testbed], Su-37, Su-33 [naval], MiG-29A [upgraded, export], Mig-29KI [Indian Naval], Ka-50 [minor bug fixes]. New weapon S25-OFM [frag,HEAT, heavy unguided, for the flankers]. I still have been unable to find correct stall / landing values for most 29, 27s so best guess was used from wingloading. [hours=606] see USSR for more details

Jan 18th - libstamp.exe included in the zip requires a license. Thanks to it's author Cameron Paine for alerting me of this omission. libstamp.txt

Jan 05th - LIB Release #32 "32 bit" - F-14A/B/Ds updated to generation 7 beta. Weapons: all AAM-AR spec'd to generation 7, added R-27T [IR AA10), R-27RE, R-33S, AIM54A. F111B ferry test mission [gf111b]. Documentation updates to follow. [hours=594]

Jan 02nd - Happy New Year - coming soon [Wed?], generation 7 spec'd: MiG-23 series (BN, MF, MLD, 27), MiG-25 (A, M/PE), F-111 (A '68, B[navy], F[gulf]), F104A, F-22. Weapons updates: AIM54 (A, C2). Updates for today: reference sections. +13


Dec 31th - Lib Release #31 'Prime Time' - major rehaul of modern naval ships and SANs[SAMS]. Much more accurate chance hit parameters modified on all AAMs as well. Tu160 added, G-4 updated with missions and more... +18

Dec 22nd - Have a Sunny Solstice [the real reason for the season] - sites counter reset to zero from 10,000 unique hits per year an average of over 25/day.

Dec 11th - Major lib release #30 'PAW' Pacific Air War series & Panther's Paw - includes more fixes to WW2 ships, torpedoes: Mk51, Mk91 are now functional. Much hit point harmonizations. Korean pack updated Panther-2, F-86A, Cl-13Mk6, MiG15bisP all ready. Few new missions for each. Pearl included [hrs=561]

Dec 09- this file renamed to readme-gt.html - License Agreement added to this page. Testing of upgrades to Korean planes going well. Legacy problems from ATFG, due to roll rates being fixed. Lib release #30 on 10th? +12

Dec 06 - Pearl Harbor test mission zip Dec 7th, 1941. Fly your IJN VAL to destroy destroyers, Battleships, and Flak. +8

Dec 05th - MAJOR LIB RELEASE #29 'pacific specific' - although the pacific theatre is not yet completed it offers the templates and baselines for Midway and Pearl Harbor. Ships, Torpedos etc.. Includes a calculation spreadsheet [msworks] that is used for harmonizing hit and damage points - use it for missles, planes, ships ... [hrs=538]

Nov 30th - working a major lib update that includes harmonzied hit points (all objects & weapons) Pacific Air Wars 1942, Midway Coral Sea, Pearl Harbor. Have Wildcat, Val, Zero, Catalina, Imperial Japanese Navy, Task Forces 16 & 17. Flak, AAA, 4 Torpedos, Battleships, Crusiers and Destroyers as well as carriers, Akagi, Yorktown .... see my WW2 page. Awesome multi player game play! +14 due Friday?

Nov 21th - MAJOR LIB RELEASE #28 "marathon" -Major rework of 50+, reworks on the rest 200 aircraft introducing generation 7 flight envelope realism mods. Featuring full rudder controls, and full multi behaviour stalls. WW2 1940 series added: Bf109E, Yak-1, Spitfire 2B, A6M2 Zero, B-25B [ok that was in 41?]. Merged sailplanes in to 2of2 lib, stopped releasing test lib [will release whole lib in future on a weekly basis ?]. New hit point formulas [see Scrap file] Worked nearly every waking hour this week on lib hacking (not stealing !) making this the "marathon" lib which I'm very proud of, especially now that my design time has broken the 500 hour barrier [526 hours]. Enjoy and thanks for the kudos folks. - Galen

Nov 18th - VNFA WW2 - Meet the mighty A6M2 Zero [GT generation 6] ! gt-test.lib fly your Zeros against Chinese B-25s over Taiwan, see with missions. Cannon hit points now match new generation 6 mods. FAB062 GPBomb [132lbs for zero] [hours = 496]

Nov 14th - Doolittle's raid on Tokyo 1942 - download test lib [objects and testing mission - yes don;t stick around or scramble will get you] PS I know B-25 has 2 engines not 4. C-130 shape used for B-25. +8

Nov 11th - lib release v25 - hit points cleanups, radii, sailplane bug fixes [partial upgrades to generation 6 flight envelopes] Mi-24 Hind. All air to air weapons now have proper hits points on every target type. Missles flight envelopes major edits. [Known bugs: AT-2 still has a 'destroy too soon' distance bug, F-8 can't cat off Clem]

I spotted a discussion about scale being way off in the game. This has been known for some time, my observations have been that only objects are 10x actual size [except for non carrier ships]. GT libs have always taken this into consideration for hit points, final tracking, hit bubbles.

Nov 08th - site cleanup - NEW lib now in an auto zip along with sailplanes - screen captures directory added. Next lib due Nov 11th

Nov 7th - gt-test.lib - weapon hit points for AR AAMs and nearly all missles now have gravity effecting on them - Clemenceau fixes, F-8 bug when cat'n from Clemenceau. +8

Nov 1st - gt-test.lib -

Oct 31st - LIB release 24 'halloween memo'- lib now in two parts - includes Chechnya 99 objects and Mi-24 a/d, e, f. Improved SAMs [such as SA-7S ...). Missions zip updated with Chechnya template [unfinished] mission. +4

Oct 30th - Chechnya 99 conflict items due soon - see gt-test.lib for test template mission and objects. Learning to fire precisely proper unguided rockets will be your key to success. BL-13LF, BL-23LF key. +4

Oct 27th - gt-test.lib = all SA- sams upgraded damage points, various trucks AAA tanks SAMs hit points modified. all A2A IR missiles hit points upgraded. +4

Oct 26th - gt-test.lib =includes new generation 6 weapons [hit points specs speeds] such as: r-60, r-60m [new], r-13c, rim-7, also includes Mig29 export. Next release due Saturday which will be split in 2 libs [main, weapons/vehicles/new] +2

Oct 25th - gt-test.lib - weapon hit point calculations revised [see scrap file for details] - new weapons BL-13OF [HEAT/frag] BL-8H [HEAT], BL-24OF [HEAT/frag], updates to all unguided rockets: lau10,61,3 bl-13, bl-8 [you better have good aim]. updates to: agm62, AT-12, AT-2. All these revised weapons perform quite realistically, best on the net. [workshop hrs=458]

Oct 24th - gt-test.lib - A-10A generation 6, much better loaded factors. +2

Oct 23rd - LIB release gt_23 - generation 6 - test lib Flankers, Frogfoots, Mirage 2000s. Sailplane lib upgraded to gt_sail_4 - compiled with FA [all libs no longer support ATFG]

Oct 22nd23rd - gt-test.lib - Su-39 & Su-25 upgraded to generation 6 - quite nice & nimble to fly. ATFG support coming to an end, too many problems with importing ATFG libs into FA toolkit. +5

Oct 18th - SimHQ message board admins go on rampage of censorship (over 20 posts & real time censoring) and physically threatening emails (that's what they call quote "free speech"). The admins are bragging over how great their democratic moderation has been (of course a democracy after banning all opposition is no democracy)

Oct 16th - LIB review of latest 714th lib - see reviews - lib is slowly getting better, I even having nice things to say about it.

Oct 13th - Mirage 2000 C2 (flanker / viper killer) and E upgraded to generation 6 & added to gt-test.lib

Oct 13th - bug fix for JA37 added to gt-test.lib - JA37 now generation 6 - it's more responsive than AJ37 with better avionics and stall controls. scrap file has more entered formulas for loaded drag etc..

Oct 12th - bug fix for AJ37 loadout (AGM62)- added to gt-test.lib - AJ37 is now FCS off [generation 6], if you fly the ground Viggen be sure to get & use this patch until next lib 23 release [due 20th?].

Oct 12th - [beta] test lib link added - fly the latest GT creation[s] - To feed FLANKER 2 envy - today it includes Su37 demonstrator [15g]& combat version that are non flight control systemed [FCS] - they are hard to fly, high alpha but can do: Bells hooks, cobras.. These showcase the next GT generation 6 envelope mods that incorporate better rudder effects high alpha vs G pull drags and non FCS models for advanced pilots. HOT

Oct 11th - FAQs updated - reminder it includes, climb dive formulas, bank, loaded reductions, AoA vs G ... hit bubbles

Oct 10th - lib review Centurian company WW3 - to the rescue again with their cheater lib [frown]

Sep 18th - East Timor Mission F/A18 vs F5E&F16C - see mission zip

Sep 06th LIB RELEASE GT_22 - OPEN SOURCE [importable] - guns hit percentage fixes finally, many missions added to lib, F-106A added, some envelope smoothings [hrs 2 date= 430]

Aug 28th LIB RELEASE GT_21 - OPEN SOURCE [importable] - I challenge all lib makers to open source their lib for comparison and improvements - lib makers are now even more encouraged to find faults in gt lib in order to add to it-
[hours to date=418]

A-1E spad [lau3, cbu25, mk81) gbu10a, 12,16, 22, 24 / ASMs RBS 15, kormoran 1&2, fixes to bomb weights [mk series] and secondary hit points, / for Zdenek: L-39, L-59, L-159 [see gfl56x for test flight] L- envelopes are not my smoothest to date ;^) but planes are fully acrobatic with no flight control system [see vomit comet haha], JH-7 China [it's quick but not fast, limited weapons .inf included], nose art 1,2,3,4,12 [various numbers], more guns added 20mm 8mm [7.62]cannon to be used to replace era guns [note some planes may not have the closest gun installed yet], WW1 series new guns, hit points. not tested with ATFG yet

Aug 28th - mission zip update to include test mission for new aircraft.

Aug 26th - rebutal of Centurian's biased review of GT20 lib on PMOKS board - lib 21 due SAT AM ?

Aug 25th - GT LIB virus free? yes - someone had reported to me [2nd hand] that the GT zips had a virus - this is either a false alarm or a new smear campaign. The entire site has been scanned and is virus free according to the latest signature files for esafe and thunderbyte

Aug 02 - missions zip updated - includes IRAN IRAQ war 1980-88, one historical mission where F-15C shoots down F-4Es, one scramble [more missions to follow, mig25, su25...] these mission have a prefix of gfin. please contact libmaster if you have info about or missions for the war

July 31 - lib release GT_20 - replaced skins on f4d, f4e-iran [blk54], F5E [for Iran Iraq war series]

July 30 - there is non technical problem with lib GT_19 - it will be back online within 48hrs -sorry for the trouble

July 28th - LIB major release GT_19 - more shapes and textures added, F-4E series blk41,54,60,k200, F-4F & ICE, F16 israel skin, F-4D skin, A-4m skin, mig 25 shape, mig 17 shape, mig 21f [c] shape, a37 shape [for mb339], f-4m added, f-4bg added, sea harriers fixed / added, mirage III weight bug fixed, CL-13 sabre new skin, F-E iran skin added [buggy],

July 25th - missions ZIP update - includes tactics, fixed briefings, added / ported / improved Phillip R's Falkland missions #1 #2 ASMs [gfpr...]

July 24th - LIB release GT_18 - fixes to F-16, F100, Mig21c - added F100F[ww] and ZEF zero length takeoff + mirage F1 C [int] E [export ASM] [hours=367]

July 18am - Mission ZIP update - 2 more missions ported from FATMAN, GN65618s Arc Light Ops. (South East Asia), GN65709s Dixie Station (South East Asia) Wings of Honor Campaign [HARD] [see NAM]

July 17- Mission ZIP updated to include Vietnam - by using FATMANS lib for some objects and his skill at historical data. See NAM series High quality missions. Bug found [non fatal] in Mig21C do not use it [engine is 10x thrust - oops] +12 [fixed jul24/99]

Jun 18th - Mission ZIP - added Yellow Sea Korea 1999 June - high quality missions - anti-ship, loiter and SEAD - multiplayer, multi pick (all planes preloaded) see amazing moves like F-16 dive bombing from 2200' @ 90 degrees from the computer - not me ! +12

Jun 04 - LIB Release - GT_17 - finally guns rate fixes, Mig-23 series (MF, BN-wild weasel, bis-K) many bad behaviour fixes to low alt envelopes, banking (loads of little stuff) - more Korean War planes

Jun 03 - Back from the ashes - Thank you XOOM for providing the space - missions zip now includes India Pakistan 1999 test missions {lib 17 needed which has not been relased yet - it will be soon!) as well as a few more Kosovo ones - LIB ZIP release - SAIL plane lib version 3 added to the LIB zip, which improves the shapes and has better envelopes


please help me mirror my site and send email to - more to follow

May 10 - guns reworked to match fire rates with hit points [see FAQ], Planes type corrected for: Tonrando Mk3, Fokker E3,

May 09 - links page updated, IE5 update causing OS problems

May 08 - lib 17 delayed - too busy flying real gliders - check in by next week for lib

Apr 25 - more work on Korean pack - Cougar added Banshee data collected .. mission upgraded - next lib [17] due May 5th? [total work time = 335 hr]

Apr 24 - my real life airfield opens for business 'erection day' so I may be flying on the weekends instead virtual

Apr 21 - libmaster finishes [real life] ground school and receives radio class C operator's license - now the exam!

Apr 05 - LIB release GT_16 - major release - lib size nearly doubles, same accuracy but with more graphics [for you artsie types :-) ]. Combined Ordinance and Air libs into one, now that I mastered the many game default bugs. Includes textures and shapes [but no objects] from planes1.0 lib: A4M, Viggen, Cf18 [cf18a], Cf105, F-86A. Fixes to US cluster bomb cheats, CIS cluster weights and hitpoints, weapon years fixes. Updates /new builds AJ37, JA37 [repaces], CF18A, GBU-10A, F4S replaces [ f-4g]. Some cheats removed from many planes; climb, bank and dive angles quickly / roughly added [denoted as *x* in selection screen], including Su-33 - with 50% fuel and max A2A loadout. Overall proper loadouts with more exact weapons updates. Ratio increase the bank angle to appear to be more normal than my previously low settings [comments that aircraft did not turn as well with low settings were false, it only appeared to be lower /less bank- the trade off precise bank alt losses wasn't worth the loss of higher bank turn visuals] Note: there are new induced troubles with including faster fire rate for guns and their hit points -this will be adjusted in next release. [total work time for free hr=326]

Apr 02 - missions page created with SAM evasion tips

Apr 01 - ain't no April fool's F-117A - fly it with the bay doors open and see how far you get in the mission - watch as I fall victim to a SA-3 [SA-6S viewpoint] and a daylight blast from a visual 'snap fired' SA-6, SA-15 [deadly] misses [unlike the last SA-13 which inflicted minor damage]

Apr 01 - LIB release with ORD_07 - includes many SAMs fixes -they track & fire, and a rush job on a F-117A & a 'simple' night mission

Mar 31 - Centurian Co LIB evaluation = fail

Mar 31 - busy getting next ORD LIB release which has fixed a huge range of poor/ non-firing SAMs SA-3 ...[altitude limits], zsu57 ranges, M-48 SAM, M-55 AAA [Serbian] - ammo limits imposed on tanks, ship missles - this LIB will open up a new arena for fairer and better game play with SAMS as the new players to be reckoned with. The walk in the park days are over. [hrs=307]

Mar 30 - bookmarks updated - search for Kosovo FRY maps continues, may remodel Pakistan

Mar 27 - LIB release - updated weapons to ORD_06 - includes the deadly SA-6 II [Serbian passive seeker and snap shot capable site - it is not a vehicle but a 6 shooter low mounted rack]- fixes to visuals on guns [tracer] - minor bug fixes - [hrs=300]

Mar 27 - mission ZIP included - Kosovo mission 3 [for March 25/99 - in test stage - currently set for you to fly a Mig-21bis in mix formation of of Mig21s and Mig29As in which you to find holes in the Southern NATO air attack wave. See missions / fa only / . View of your wing [note passive loadout] as you hide patiently behind the west side of the east Albanian hills from a wave of F-15s 30miles to the north between you & your SAM cover and hiding behind the mountains from the first wave of SEAD aircraft [and southern AWACS] of which you intend to pounce [SEAD] low from their 9o'clock. Ambushing the 1st SEAD wave, CF18 goes down, a heavy Tornado Mrk3 tries to bug out but my 5th wingman & I perform a hi-yo and lock in on his 6 [he's done] meanwhile my Mig29 wingman pays the price for turning on his radar as AIM120s from the 2nd wave escorts leave nothing but his dental records. I spot the 2nd SEAD wave containing A-6s but the thick F18C escort is getting nasty. Greece to the east are now patrolling the western border [F16C/Mirage2000] and the F-15s are trying to lure the home base cover away from the SAM cover - it's time to take all closing shots and bug out home. Returning home with fuel claiming the remaining wing of Mig21s oh so close to landing, the remaining & lagging Mig29s took damage and their status is unknown. No sign of IAR-93 home base cover -did the F15s get them or did Greece intervene? Multiplayers welcome

Mar 19 - Other libs / review page updated / CWF lib review ver 0.7 [hrs=291]

Mar 14 - missions for TU-26m [fleet assault] - F-14D WW - these are hard but enjoyable and showoff the superior lib design

Mar 06 - LIB release AIR08 - many fixes to FA bugs, dive & bank angles, work arounds for problematic FA weapon loadouts...

Mar 04 - testing new [generation 5] envelopes for AIR08 = simply awesome! Improved FAQ page, added more envelope tips, added generation number to selection names for easier realism quality indentification. Stay tuned

Feb 24 - LIB signed with PGP to authenticate ZIP file - accept no substitutes or forgeries

Feb 07 - sailplane lib 02 released - updates to dive parameters - fixes to B-4 233, SZD50, tow plane and training mission. Just wait till version 8 AIR lib, It will be unbeatable!

Jan 31 - removed soundtrack (over quota)

Jan 30 - added more warnings for

Jan 30 - Death of friend and mentor Jan 23, win98 problems preventing any releases, check in next week

Jan 16 - Playlists added to soundtrack site - Real Audio for 33k and up modems

Jan 09 - object list added under REF directory, good for mission building M files. '67 Mission#1 ported from Wrenchs IAF 714 pack along with a warmup mission! Bug in AIR07 Mirage III radar to be fixed later - [283]

Jan 07 - LIB release AIR07 [pack includes air_07, ord_05, sail_01] hr=278

Jan 07 - IAF plus Mirage III series C-I, E LR, 50 Cyrano multi role, R2Z South African, Su-7BM for 1967 IAF missions, Mig21MF now carries AA6 for IAF 1967 missions. Kfir C2/7 AG version. minor adjustments F11, C-9. IAF test mission for FA 1967

News 1998

Dec 01 - more Missions added - they are old but tested, such as my popular fair & low impact Multiplayer 2 on 2 arena [for both ATG and FA] that was evolved on mplayer Dec 97. Psuedo IAF missions 82 "Star of David"

Nov 29 -LIB release [06,05,01] update to ORD_05, stability fixes removal of beta items, AAA more realistic fire rates & chance, all hit points recalulated [less!], guns ranged in hit points @ 0.6nm, LAU s fixed and weight fixed...

Nov 25 bookmarks links references added, loads of great sites -must see - importable into netscape

Nov 23 - LIB release AIR06 [06,04,01]- updates to F-4 series including new F4J shape, F4b/n/j F110a=F4c [early], F-100D-55 Super Sabre, re enter Tu-95A Bear, Kfir C-9 with new shape and Camo texture, removal of 'beta' Flankers, Arrow remodelled into Mk2.

Nov 22 - evaluation of Pmok delta 1.1 - new lib delayed this week as planned, lib master has pneumonia

Nov 15 - weapons lib has been acting up in FA [will look into repairs] - expect new LIB this week, ICQ 99 warning

Oct 18 - review of VU lib 1.5 FA

Oct 12 - colour chips added to reference / libmaster / fAQ section

Oct 11 - Kosovo mission under test, missions page added /updated

Sep 26 Lib release ORD04 [contains AIR05 ORD04 SAIL01] * note lib names have changed

Sep 26 updates to ORD lib [weapons] - downgraded: aim120, aim7e/m. PL7 / python 4 made into Python 3, corrections to Final targetting . python 4 recreated, R77 export added, 530D - 530 added

sep 14 glider lib release 01 - beta form : Schweizer SGS 2-33, Tow plane 150hp generic high fixed pitch, Pilatus B-4 PC11, SZD-50-3 "Puchacz", Grob 103 Twin Astir II, new sound tow prop

sep 06 New glider page

sep 05 My first real world flight! glob130 Astir II glider

aug 16 GT back from vacation - only to spend massive efforts to stop DoS vandal hacker attacks - lib reviews updated VUSMC 1.4, warnings page updated with more anti-vandals tips

jul 20 LIB release 0503 - new Air version - updates to roll rates Mig 21 sereis / Updated to series 3: Su15, F11, F-104 / created into series 3: Tu-142 [Tu-95M], Tu-26M [tu26], JAS 39 gripen / various visual distance values -removal of unused HUDs etc...

jul 19 Sabre CL-13 Mk6 Canada added / APG30 radar added 'late 50s' / Buc mk 50 updated to series 3 /spare objects removed for stability / to be released in ver 05

jul 11 web page fixes, spellings, warning page created, validated for html 4.0

jul 04 GT0403 libs released / SPE Entard IV M added to series 3 / minor fixes to sink rates in F16 series

jul 03 Mig21 series - into series 3 Mig21 'C' / Mig21mf-K / mig21bis-N /F-7M J7M - with a beautiful new texture

jul 01 A-6 E+ F/ TRAM with GE engine, A6B shriker [all series 3]

jun 29 A-7E replaced - A-7B added series 3 / Su-25A series 3 / Su39 Frogfoot-II carrier based series 3 [yes Mach 1]

jun 16 GT 0303 libs released / AMX updated to series 3, AU1 Corsair lower IRCS updated to series 3, fixed RCS-IRCS JA35 Ja37 / Arrow updated series 3 / Weapons HASs toughened, SAMs toughened, Shoulder SAMS are not targetable

jun 14 web page split ups to make it more stable, new, ref, other lbs..

jun 10 more lib testing

jun 09 weapons and SAMs touch ups, increase performance / turret guns damages and chance fixed / added AGM65B & re-add AGM45A

jun 07 A4C [replaces FA A4E] updated to series 3 / A4M updated to series 3 / F16 series 3 in testing A-blk5 A-blk10 C-blk52 N[top gun] FSX - F16B replaces F16E as an Ablk10 - all 16 rudder slips reduced - improvements using F16 data from 349 ultimate references /

may 31 LIB 0531 compiled 02AA 02RR

A-10 added to series 3 replaces game / IA58 prop CAS added to series 'real mean & loaded' / CF5A now replaces F5EV / Alpha jet updated to series 3
may 30 national capital airshow .. lots of good info and specs on AOA stall mer ..
may 29 quick aesthetics links images fixes
may 27 errors in toolkit lib stopping more planes added.. will work on weapons
may 26 latest now ZIPPED 0526 includes 0521RR & 0526RR
may 26 weapons done, most of air to air - new lib _02_RR [do not use GT_01_RR.lib or GT_0521_11.lib]
may 24 lots and lots IR weapons updated to RR series - FOV corrections
may 22/23 frames and Java added
may 21 LIB DAY has arrived!  all single .libs files will be discontinued. new libs are in 2 parts planes/weapons
may 21 version 0521 11 [planes ..] and 12 [weapons and textures]
may 02 mig15bisP updated to series 2 [3] /
apr 25 AIM7 Pl10 added to RR series /
apr 25 I'm back - finally got work and no time to play / survived many hackers nukes the past 2 weeks
apr 11 evaluate & review realism 214 lib / evaluate 714 april 02 lib = hopeless /
apr 6 Tornados series 3 IDS & FMk2 /
apr 4 Mirage 2000C2 added to series 3 / some crucial envelope editing tips added to FAQ
apr 3 added lost link to F22 series 3 oops me dumbass..  / Mirage 2000 export added to series 3
apr 3 Mig-29A added to series 3 / Mig-29 Snow  added to series 3 /  Mig-33 added to series 3
apr 2 F-15E added to series 3 / AMX added to series 3 /
apr 2 Sanger Space Plane added series 1 /  F-15AJ added to series 3 /  F-15C added to series 3
apr 1 Aermacchi MB339K updated to series 2 /  Su-54K HAS errors!! do not use yet [now fixed may 21st]

apr 1 Sea Birds removed from BETA [dropped] / IAR93 Yugoslav fighter added series 2
mr 30 R27 R1 updated - replaces AA10/  R-27P updated [anti-awacs / HARM]
mr 29 R77 [aa12] R37 - re spec'd / R-40 replaces AA8 /
mr 29 missle tables split-up - new Janes 97-98 missle specs - working on all A2A missles !
mr 28 F22A added to series 3 / Cf18A changed to CF18D replaces F/A18D
mr 28 F/A-18C added to series 3 / texture for CF18D 410 Squad Cougar [replaces f18d] /
mr 28 roundel low vis Canada [ATFG only]
mr 27 tidy up some tables / CF5A updated to series 3
mr 26 1st series 3 aircraft complete F16B / evaluate Tomcat 2.1 lib / CF18A updated to series 3
mr 24 evaluating FA toolkit /  updated Fokker EIII & DH2 better performance and AI / testing a series 3 F16B
mr 22 World War 1 pack = bonus mission 1915 France Front Line - Fokker Eindekker E.III and de Havilland D.H.2
mr 20 F11F-1 tiger added to series 2 1957 [Blue Angels flew these]
mr 18 table added to realistic replacements
mr 14 added F-4K FG-1 to series 2 / Arrow 3 tweaks - brake - nose wheel, shape = tu26 / Arrow mission 1959
mr 13 added Java script title bar info / Aero L-39 ZA added to series 2
mr 12 JA 37 upgraded to series 2, RCS PT problem found & fixed / BUC 50 mods payload engine drag fixes series 2
mr 12 upgraded Su32FN to series 2 / Su37 Freefall [thanks for data Gavin] added to series 2
mr 11 upgraded Su-54K to series 2
mr 11 S-37 or Su37 or both? Yes there are two. my current Su37 reworked into the real S-37 series 2, thanks Gavin!mr 11 added More toolkit tips Psycho's LibFAQ page
mr 10 redesign navigation, added Su37 series 1, added A4C/L/P series 2
mr 09 added A4M skyhawk 1973 series 2, tips nuances updated [116]
mr 08 added IL2 stormavik series 2, 1944 eastern front mission
mr 07 F9F5 Panther loadouts, flight series 2
mr 02 kfrir c9 env mods to fix miscalculation, radar gunsights, canard psuedo bell manouver able

feb 26 J35S Draken updated to series 2 / J35A long series 2 1960
feb 26 evaluating 714 feb 20 / page  clean ups , links instructions / lib edit time passes 100 hour mark! yikes
feb 24 F9f5 Panther all weather added series 1 Korea kit / K1 mission updated
feb 23 Korea mission K1 1951 uses Au1, Mig15bisP / limited AU1 to not use future > 53 weapons / Mig15bisP added

feb 22 Korea pack started: USS Boxer / updated Alpha Jet in Series 2 / Arrow 3 made series 2 / Su-15 series 2 added
feb 18  RR R77 replaces AA12
feb 17 Kfir C9 updated to series 2
feb 17 RR Penguin Mk3 replaces AS30, Kh58 ARM replaces AS15 , R37 replaces R33 [AA9]
feb 16 RR series updates: KAB250 replaces FAB250, R27R1 replaces AA10T,  Kh15 replaces AS16
feb 16 plans for online lib, small, stable, realistic, the "lite lib"  / more table entries, evaluations
feb 10 more table entries, evaluations / realistic guns added ADEN BK27 & GAUs, DEFA
feb 09 Realistic guns replacements initiated GSH301 added
feb 09 missle speed measure verified as km/h  / realism comparison table added
feb 08  testbeds for 714 patches  / guns test 714 data for myself
feb 07 Su32FN added
feb 07 Su54 added with radar sights
jan 31 Mk84 LGB proper range & chance / F-4D added, no gun, GBU, proper loadouts
jan 31 Kh15 AS16 proper range!
jan 31  lib links added to weapons & planes
jan 30 F-4S added to series 2 AG
jan 29 testbed viggen for FA only - use that cannard & do the Bell manouver!
jan 28 full testing under Fighters Anthology. Success ALL planes & weapons work BUT only 10 at a time.
jan14 F104G added & texture
jan13 CF18 added F/A18A & updated to series 2  / CF5A added to series 2
jan 12 Galeb added series 2 ready & complete, / fuel weights check started  / roundel Yuogslavia [still can't get transparent !]
fuel fixed for MIG25M / MIG31M updated to series 2
jan 11 roundels added Sweden [ can't get it transparent !] Canada [transparent], / flags UN / Viggen JA37 addded,
description of series 2 planes denoted as **
jan 10 Jaguar S2 updated to series 2 , / Bucc updated to series 2, changed to Mk50 , / Mig 25M updated to series 2
jan 10 Series 2 started, more accurate flight envelopes
jan 09 Alpha Jet Lancier added
jan 08 Mig 31M added , / Mig 25M added since 74 refuses to fix theirs / jan 07 R37 added tested ok , / R77 AA12 modified to correct specs
jan 06 R-27 R1 added & P under test on, proper specs used, / R37 working
jan 01 ECM libs removed, / BUC rocket assist added [simulated] , / AGM45 removed for it is used in 714
jan 01 Jaguar S2 ECM remove replaced with 2 ALE40
dec 12 Buc added, several hit points fixed

nov 13 mig 31 hardpoints and missle fixes for Soviets

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