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brought to you as a public service from the Global Tribunal and concerned veteran Internet users to counter the vast amounts of misinformation being disseminated behind closed doors at / by simHQ and their supporters

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  1. do you want simHQ destroyed as the staff claims you do?
  2. Galen why don't you respond to allegations made by simHQ staff and supporters?
  3. people claim that SKATER, BEAR are nice and helpful is that the truth?
  4. Open letter Dec 199 and responses [lack of]
  5. simHQ says you were banned because you attacked Andy Bush is that true?
  6. how come no simHQ staff member will not verify their identity?
  7. simHQ claims you have spammed them with stuff - "he keeps sending us stuff", is this true?
  8. has simHQ cooperated with the authorities?
  9. simHQ staff members and supports have called you a delusional fool, a known hacker, twit, asshole, rapist, international terrorist, etc.. why don't you name call them back?
  10. several people have met "Skater" had dinner with him, do you believe them?
  11. do you think "skater" told a white lie that got out of control like simHQ is saying?
  12. simHQ states their morals and pledge lead to "skater" booting, is that your opinion?
  13. a simHQ supporter says your actions are out of malice, might others think him right?
  14. simHQ staff have publicly offered to include flightsimHQ and GT sites in their Ultimate Sim Community (Exclusive to simHQ) List, have they done so?

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Mutants and SQUADS Editorial

In my many years online a few abusers stand out - A mutant is someone who can not be reasoned with and continues to harass and goes too far by engaging in illegal activity to further their ego and insecurities. Mutant behavior is not a minor issue or single event but a continuing vile trend. Mutant list

Mutants like "Skater" love to cowardly badger and libel me [or my supporters] in open forums but they prefer areas that they control any rebuttal. These proofs have all been logged and reported. Hopefully you can see a pattern in allies formed by the above mutants; I do have a passion and skill in tracing and confronting these cheaters and vandals. But it is very tough doing it alone [thanks to those 'inside' helpers]. By ignoring mutant they seem to grow stronger, they even continue to defame long after one leaves messages boards. Confronting them they only end up hi-jacking the forums in which they fester by frustrating moderators into censorship or giving control over to them. Lose lose situation.

I live ethically and promote responsible freedoms; don't let the mutants fool you otherwise.

-Galen Thurber

Do you want simHQ destroyed as the staff claims you do?

No ! They could provide a great service pif they would come clean. For the record I have offered my help on many fronts many times to them.

Responding to simHQ

simHQ has banned my entire domain from rejoining simHQ, hence I can not defend my name against stacked discussions and allegations against me. Their staff also actively harasses other sim community message boards to have me banned as well.

Is that fair? Is the just?

No it is not.

They have stated they gave me several warnings that I would be banned. Is that true?

No it is not. They can not provide proof they did.


when a group sets up a message board and only allows opinions and users that agree with them it is easy to be fooled by their worth. This action is stacking the deck. A con.

Deleting posts [as evidenced by both 257th and simhq staff] in order for prominent staff members to have the only answer is unscrupulous.

Are these people indispensable?

No they are not. Anyone can copy and paste reviews from others site like they have done. Others are just as nice. In fact much nicer . I for one donate hundreds of hours a year to charity work not to mention over 600 hours on the global tribunal project for others. I don't ban people or have others do the dirty banning.


How come no simHQ staff member will not verify their identity?

This very good question does amaze me to date , since I have offered to help any member of simHQ obtain a free digital certificate that can prove who they are none have taken the time to do so over the last months. This is nothing new to them. I send emails to them certified.

SimHQ claims they won't publish personal information on the web [see Spoons]. This is not the point [even though they publish bios about themselves - that is public - a bio does not make an ID] a trusted secure third party like verisign, thawte or even PGP web of trust are easy to obtain, but the catch with the first two is that you have to be a real person with real id.


Quick history:

I have had run in with Andy in similar environments before. He is a long time advocate of the 714/257.

I had questioned his experience and credentials long ago, but before I did that I had engaged in several discussions and offered to help with his work on the 714 libraries. He and 714 refused my help. so after I went my own way and started my world class project I asked Andy to review my work and allowed him to contribute to the project. He refused.

In the fall of 1999 when simHQ started to ramp up with 257th leading the promotion campaign. The 257th was posting on many boards and newsgroups that Andy Bush had endorsed the 714 libs over all the others and was hosting chat rooms on simHQ.

I came to simHQ to refute these claims and question Bush on them, Bush lied when he said he had tried other libs and found 714 to be the best. When pressed he said he never tried others. He lied again when said no one requested that he review their libs, he would be glad if someone did.. I showed him and simhq readers proof that he refused to review my lib [he does to this day]. He refused to admit he stated 714 was the best FA lib. Again I showed proof he lied.

simHQ at this time had emailed asking me to tone down my original post, which I had done. They thanked me for it.

"Skater"" was quick to attack me on the message board with profanity and started sending me threats as well as attacking my computer with a Denial Service Attacks. All these have been verified and reported.

After I reported SKATER's threat to simHQ , my messages started being deleted in near real time [simhQ was monitoring my posts] asking for comments and even asking to post to board was deleted by Spoons, Pygmy and the president.

I complained more to simHQ staff with digitally signed email message with return receipt turned on. no response, I told simHQ I had reported SKATER to the US NAVY. This was in October 1999

Then I was banned.

Is simHQ staff being honest when they say they handled this quickly?

No that would be a lie. The complaint was in October it is now Feb.

simHQ claims you have spammed them with stuff - he keeps sending us stuff, is this true?

No it is false, I have followed up my complaints with them and their pledge which was introduced after the complaint [a ploy to create trust], I have not spammed them. Although my email has been submitted to many spam lists from somewhere over the past few months.My spam has gone way up! Their new tact has been to complain that I am sending them binary spam. This again is false. I predict they will try to have me booted from my ISP for spamming.

Have you threatened to hack their site as they [president and staff both] claim?

No I have not. I fact I have repeatedly offered to be the ombudsman to help them be a group with better ethics. I am an anti-vandal web security analyst by trade as well as being an ethically based secular humanist. Vandalism is totally against my nature.


Has simHQ cooperated with the authorities?

Not to anyone's knowledge. They claim they investigated the complaint themselves and took over 20 hours and 2 weeks to find anything when all along I had supplied simHQ and the web community with NCIS contact names and numbers that would only take moments [less than an hour] to verify Ed was bogus. NCIS will even call you back within at most 24hrs if you can't afford the dime. NCIS would like anyone to come forward to aid in their investigation of "Skater"as would I.


simHQ staff members and supports have called you a delusional fool, a known hacker, twit, asshole, rapist, international terrorist, etc.. why don't you name call them back?

There is no better way to outwit the stupid than to let them speak for themselves.

"I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think." Socrates (470-399 BC)


Several people have met "Skater"had dinner with him, do you believe them?

LOL - Boy its a hard one to believe, "Skater"sure must travel alot and he seems to give hardware away like Santa (just don't ask for receipt) Coast to coast and then some. Maybe he flew on Andy Bush Air. If someone said to me "guess who's coming to dinner" and the answer was "Lynch"; I'd eat out and take my pepper spray with me. (yes I know this is a nasty response)

simHQ states their morals and pledge lead to the "Skater"booting, is that your opinion?

A far more likely story was the heavy heat and threat of legitimate legal action is why they are are distancing themselves from Lynch. I think it is too late for them to hide. I have tried for months and failed to converse with simHQ president, he only can spout the same rhetoric. The future of simHQ looks bleek unless they do a radical attitude adjustment and a personnel flush.

SimHQ supporter says your actions are out of malice, are they right?

No I have made it a point to even offer my services to simHQ. I have not made threats (I don't call defending my reputation and personal safety with legal action a threat) against them, their staff has against me. Malice is solely from them. To this day (call me stupid - heart of gold) I would still help simHQ members with problems if I could; I am not allowed to.

Do you think "Skater"told a white lie that got out of control like simHQ is saying?

You have to remember the dishonest environment that spawned simHQ was the 714/257th group. His lies are a group sponsored effort, testament to what his allies, gangs are still posting about him and against anyone who does not agree with them. They are a disgrace even in defeat. They are being painted with the same as they should be, too bad bystanders are getting fooled by their antics due to lack of information.

simHQ staff have publicly offered to include flightsimHQ and GT sites in their Ultimate Exclusive Community List, have they done so?

Well they have tried to brand me as a paranoid fool for mentioning to them what "Ultimate" sim community list would include; it would include [and allow to be included] other sim groups that are not allies with simHQ. Pure easy definition. They claim their "ultimate" list is ONLY available at simHQ as an exclusive. It does not take much thinking to realize that is bogus (goes with the crowd).

Sergei had submitted flightsimHQ & GT sites to them, they take a long time to appear while other sites show up that day. Recently simHQ staff have deleted these sites and the entire category they were to be listed in. hmm. Sergei and I both submitted the sites again only to have them deleted and the descriptions altered or removed. [as of 2000/02/19] they refuse to allow sites that link to this report to be listed on their "ultimate" list. They continue to act in bad faith and are being dishonest with their readers.

Open Letters


Date: December 6, 1999

Subject: simHQ - Pledge To Our Readers - Ombudsman - open letter

In my past dealing with your staff, I must say,
were quite different than "The Pledge" you are promising. Defamation,
censorship, threats of physical violence from your staff. Hopefully your pledge
will act as a needed moral guide.  Now I won't waste your time by offering again
my ethical services as Ombudsman, because I am aware they will be dismissed out
of hand regardless. Don't get me wrong simHQ IMO can offer the top quality
discussions and information.  Now if [I stress IF, I still follow not guilty
until proven so commitment] this pledge scheme is nothing more than a ploy to
manufacture credibility, you will have watchdog opposition.  Suggestions for
improvements to your pledge   1                          SimHQ staff will never
use an alias to criticize another site or magazine publicly.  2                 
        When discussing matters related to another site, SimHQ staff will always
publicly                           announce their affiliation with  3
                         SimHQ staff will never exaggerate their experience in
biographies, articles, or                           features, or offer
misleading representations of past experiences.  4                         
SimHQ staff will never knowingly publish an untruth.  1 sites that are
criticized should be allow in fairness to offer a rebuttal using the same forum
the staff uses. [currently that is not so]  2. staff should also state past or
inactive affiliations to a. bolster credibility b. alert user to a potential
skewing of opinion or bias above all the 'other site' should be allowed to
refute in the same forum  [currently that is not so]  3. staff should provide
references of identity to start with: digital ids are free and easy to obtain,
contact able references for service records. [currently that is not so]  4.
should allow rebuttal of statements, the truth should be able to stand on its
own. [currently that is not so]  None of the above can be obtained until simHQ
lifts its current heavy censorship; failing to do so makes simHQ exporters of
the truth. Not the image you want.  Sincere wishes with the changes.  Galen
'libmaster' Thurber 

Responses from SimHQ

"You are still a total asshole ..." Ed as simHQ staff

as of Jan 31 2000 still no response after 3 confirmed digitally signed sends to simHQ staff.

But the simHQ staff has enough time to stack arguments against Galen on their message board [no one can refute them, because they censor those who side with Galen]. Nothing like being fair folks!

Galen's entire domain [one ip shown] is still banned from simHQ, simHQ staff embers still posting defaming material about Galen

[simHQ ban]