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brought to you as a public service from the Global Tribunal and concerned veteran Internet users to counter the misinformation being disseminated behind closed doors at / by 369th and their supporters

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created: 2000/07/26
this site contains no java script or hidden tracking devices or banner loops, no virii as 369th claims
I Galen Thurber did not visit and help 369th in order to disrupt this 369th group BUT was asked to visit and contribute to their message board and helped them out with solutions to serious game bugs they were experiencing. My ethical nature is to help people. In return 369th have hatefully rescinded the offer and resorted to abuse, defamtion & censorship once they found out I was not a [born again] christian like them. Bigotry seems to be a priority over common decency.

369th is yet another self appointed "Elite", "Best of the Best Squadrons". [zzz wake me up please]

  • "We don't use cheater libs" [not from what I heard and seen boys! - note I don't use the word men]
  • "We don't cheat, we only use default FA" [they have a lose definition of cheat then]
  • "We do things differently around here" [oh really, how's that? command and control]
  • "We are open to ideas" [oh really, only your COs]
  • "We are a democracy" [but do as I say or else, tell no one of the votes, then veto results... hmm that's no democracy]


  • 13th
  • 44th
  • 76th
  • 11th
  • 911th
  • and boy do they love their guns!
  • yes they are mostly Southern Americans
  • some members scream "I totally oppose censorship [unless of course the statement disagrees with me]" hello! is anybody home, knock, knock!]

Can you tell I'm not impressed so far?

Bucksaw's Redneck Diplomacy.

What kind of diplomacy has 369th tried on you Galen?

Bucksaw ICQ'd me July 26, 2000:

  • Bucksaw "I'd suggest an apologie..ASAP to the members of the 369th on the board , that is if you'd care to remain"
  • Galen 'cheatbuster': care to talk on roger wilco?
  • Bucksaw "sure....just as soon as you post an apology on the board to the 369th members for your personal opinions. "
  • [I then refused to respond to him, but he kept ICQing me insults and profanity]
  • Bucksaw " ... BANNED yippie ki aye aye motherfucker !"
  • Bucksaw "kind of a twisted little fucker ain't ya, .. you are lame. "
  • Bucksaw "dipshit you're shutdown !"
  • Bucksaw ".. I'll get ahold of Bear see if his boys can't deal with you..lol "

[BEAR is the leader of the 257th cyber gang, notorius for cyber attacks against me.]

Bravo 369th you guys really won me over - NOT

Fastest Democracy

On July 26, 2000 I posted messages concerning a few topics of interest and improper 369th conduct. They have ALL been deleted.

369th assured me when I was asked to join that they would NEVER delete messages without a vote from the membership.

Sadly 369th command does not follow their word. Hence they are liars.

Are 369th members to believe within a short time period [approx 20mins]

  • commanding officers solicited a vote as they claim
  • allow the points to be tabled which they claim
  • allow any rebutal
  • keep unaltered posts for members to see
  • tally the results
  • apply the democratic bannishment

Galen's # 894 post on 369th [now censored off 369th board] July 26th, 2000

Hypocrisy and threats from 369th command!
I thought 369th was a democracy but it seems certain members are more of the democracy than others. Clearly asking questions should NOT be so threatening, the ultimate sin ! REPEAT I am not here to cause trouble! Have I threatened 369th? NO Are questions threatening? NOT in a sane healthy organization. 369th claims to be healthy and open. Why the NEED for hypocrisy? I have received revealing messages on really how CERTAIN command officers wish to behave. They WILL not be posted here. I have ethics. Michael 'archangel' sent me a quite insulting and arrogant email on behalf of 369th. JC "Maj.Bucksaw" threatend me over ICQ with shut up and apologize or be BANNED IF and I mean IF is how 369th operates under censorship, threats, muscle while claiming to be open and democratic. THIS IS TOTAL BULLSHIT! Those who think 369th is a democracy. Dream on! Time to move on! I am really ashamed of 369th command, I expected MUCH better !
Olive Branch 4 - Nov 17, 2000

After hearing of the hype posted on JCN and other message boards, I decided to take a look at the latest 369th sandbox. Their ideas and use of eGroups seemed to mirror a part what flightsimHQ was doing for the past year. I decided to join their eGroups as Galen Thurber flightsimHQ@yahoo.com on Nov 14/00. I was accepted and immediately rejected. No surprise. Two days later after no inpout. I received a somewhat professional attempt at a rejection letter from an Alan Shaw. I attempted to reason with him but soon it bacame a lost cause. So in my contiuning efforts to resolve abuse from my enemies I made another peace offering. An olive branch.

Date: Sat, 18 Nov 2000 08:01:45 -0800 (PST)
From: Founder FlightsimHQ | Block address
Subject: Olive branch #4 to 369th
To: Jasduck2@aol.com
CC: flightsimHQ@egroups.com

Dear Alan "Duck" Shaw
44th Lame Duck / 369th Screaming Eagles
and flightsimHQ members

I am willing to grant in reciprocation of a limted membership for Mr Galen Thurber in 369thTFW_PMC_Headquarters eGroup with the same for Mr, Alan Shaw in flightsimHQ

I hope the 4th Olive branch and mediation will be the charm to help bring the hostilities and posturing to an end and usher an era of tolerance of tolerance.

Galen Thurber

[editor's notes]

From: Jasduck2@aol.com
Date: Sun, 19 Nov 2000 05:27:38 EST
Subject: ...................... [re: Olive branch #4 to 369th ]

To: flightsimHQ@yahoo.com
Its a real shame my friend. I did all I could to support you in a wing of guys who hate you [all? really? hate], and you insist on sending that bogus member's email to me.[he incorrectly refers to an email addy I don't use] Even if it wasn't you, we know it was someone in your "organization." [yes our scary freedom 'organization' is out to get you - wink] After this appeared, my superiors showed me some of your previous cyber-terrorism [wow better arrest me NOW! too bad false and forged evidence is a crime] and I couldn't believe [seems he swallowed it] what I was seeing and hearing (this was all information they were saving to show me until I realized what you were up to, so I could find out myself). Galen, to prove your untrustworthiness on the net, YOUR the reason we clear subscription before they become a member. If not for your know cyber attacks [known?], please could sign up at this site freely. I'm sorry bud, but I will no longer accept any of your emails or messages. Good luck with your flightsimHQ and its members . Oh yeah, to set the record straight for your message board. I was not trying to copy your site or ANY of your missions with this new eGroups [its funny he mentioned that I never claimed he did, could be his guilty mind at work?]. In fact, I don't even own this site. I volunteered (and was recommend) to moderate it because [you follow orders without thinking?] I wanted the experience to share missions and mission creating tips with fellow FA pilots. Unlike you, I did not create this site to become the almighty ruler of flight sims [strange last time I looked I was an anarchist]. I just wanted a site so I could trade missions with as many people as I could. Also unlike you, I am not intimidated when someone creates something better than me. [altruist laughing my ass off] I'm new on the wing and my superiors gave me this wonderful opportunity to gain experience. So thank you for reminding me of who NOT to trust. Nice knowing you, even though you fed me shit the whole time. Duck 44/369th


Alan Shaw
[posted and unedited]

Galen thurber
PS I wrote Alan back with my sincere sympathies for his ignorance.
Index of 369th message board before censorship - missing posts [less images and forms & extra codes]
Index of 369th 10:55 EST July 26, 2000
before censorship
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