GT Scenery Building for Fighters Anthology

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Scenery Limitations

Builders tend to make the mistake of taking a satellite image or overlay from another sim [theft] and paste it into a scenery overlay image. This causes overlays that only look good at high noon because the palette positions react differently at a distance and with time of day.

Tip: To place amber night lights [streetlights] use palette index 254. Use replace or paint

Special palette to use to edit overlays.

How to use:

  1. open overlay image in FA toolkit
  2. open image via external editor
  3. load custom palette [all hidden textures should now show instead of pink, now you can paste in [force colors into the high palette positions automatically!]
  4. edit image etc..
  5. refresh toolkit object [visual palette will only remain during this edit]
  6. save object [next time you open image it will visualy show the default pink palette so dont freak, it is still ok]

Mistakes / traps : you can change the palette to make the overlay to look proper BUT this is only TEMPORARY. You MUST use a smart eraser [replace one palette color with another] in order to change colors !

Vlad Campaign uses the following replace palette schema

Su39 at early dawn, notice street lights in distance

[su39 dawn]

Vlad at dawn, early spring

[vlad dawn]

testing of scenery up close