Phantom Series
section dedicated to Jim Riach

F-4B/N/J F-110A, F-4C early


new shape from FA, many envelope and loadout fixes. For the Nam nuts!

series 2 plus started dec 1998

series 8 underway nov 2000

F4B loadout
please note ALQ131 replaces game 72, this does give a slight advantage in campaigns. No work around found due to game limitations
F-4BG first wild weasel
14 converted
{short description of image}


F-4D Phantom II

{short description of image}
block 38
- real: no gun, no active radar weapons,   AG 'smart bomber' 1968 
baseline janes F4G 
no gun, no active radar weapons 
radar a7/a6 apg109 
pave spike, no ecm  [load it on front right fuselage] 
gbu smart bombs 
sparrow required load 2x, front fuselage pave spike on left, room for ecm on right in sparrow bay 
pylons split: inners GBU 29 2000 
outer mk82 x2 x2  

new skin july 31/99
for lib 20 - inspired by Jeff White's nam

note: weathered tan, ASIA scheme

F-4S Phantom II
- real: no gun, no active radar weapons, 
baseline f4g 
mtow= 57000 
stall <28kmh than B/G 
VF171 [fs colors 36375 / 35237 & 36320] 
roles: forward air command, wild weasel, fleet protection 
hard point split for: fuselage, inner wing 
NO gun of course 
no active radar weapons 
Ir seeker, built in alq167, 2 ALE40, fuselage HPs not used 
loadout: inner, aim7x2 aim88x2 , outer agm84ex1 cbu87x3 
v @0 = 1188kmh  m=1.12 

series 2 mods
replaces F-4G
F-4 E & F series

after block 43 = MAV ready and slatted [aka late]  country	blocks		yr >
israel	41,45,52,60,62	72 iran	41, 47 51-56,59 73 	60		73 	60 mlu		80
egypt	39		79 k2000	x		90	ge404 engine defa, apg65 [f18] better range, AR ready 
-F german  3300 lb liter poor radar no SAR  dogfighter only based on E5x slatted
 -ICE re equiped with AR weapons aim120 aim9m
for blocks 41, 60, k2000 see IAF

E block 54 Iranian 70s
skin not quite ready

F German '74circa
stripped down
best dogfighter
IR A2A mainly
{short description of image}
F German ICE
modernized to carry AR

F-4M British version of J

uses the -D skin

for F-4K see UK

YF17 '72
limited rdr [f4]
see canada for CF18A and CF18D


F/A-18C US Navy Marines 1987 
active radar weapons, maverick rdy 
inner pylon pairs 2x MER each 
outer pylons split left & right 
centerline tank only [this config only] 
baseline taken from my Cf18A 98/03/27 
ceiling = 50000 
G = +7.5, -4 high alpha 
v= 742 [1195] @ 0 / M=1.78 [ ? ] ? @36 
radar gunsights 
climb =17,000'/min 


F/A18F Super Hornet
released first: GT R41


shape: game designation=d F/A18D [Canadian]
F-22A 1997 USA  
F22A 1997 
ref Janes 1997-98 
main internal bays left & right carry 3 long missles each [shown as split] 
ventral bays are aim9 size only 
no mention of a2g missles for internal bay, so aim120 are required 
4 under wing pylons - fully capable 
G= +9, -3 [don't black-out!] 
hi G pull drag,  AOA estimated at 15degrees [wing loading fly by wire] 
stall speed 107kts - w flaps ? 
proper loadouts G pull, stall speeds 
cons: price

F-15A/J 1975 export 
users: Saudi, Israel, USA ANG, Japan [J] 
default loadouts sparrows and magic 2 to simulate Aim9J 
one harpoon on fuselage 
errors in EA model : G is -3 not -4, AOA is 16 not 20 
most specs seem ok - series 3 mods updated 
radar gunsights

replaces in game 
copy from my f15aj, with modern weapons 
Air superiority fighter -HOT!
F-15E  Strike Eagle - USA 1990 
F-15E replaces game F15E 
full package all weather ground attack, IR , laser desg 
high g pull drag, load performance reductions

  • carries internal ECM CW long range [also carried by GT tornado GR4]
  • smart CM pod


All the FA ATFG Falcons are cheats! Shame on EA!

F-16A Blk 5B 
replaces F in game 
dark grey for Belgium and Netherlands with FCS off! 
high alpha 25deg 
chute landings 
no active radar A2a wiring 

for a blk 1/15MLU see IAF

F-16A Falcon Blk 10 CAS
pave claw gau 13
f110 engine
F-16A Falcon Blk 1/15MLU
see IAF
F-16C/D block 50  
replaces C in game 
pave spike and GE [bigger engine], blk 52 does not use GE engine, built in Aim120 support 
better radar 

F-16N Top Gun [with no gun] 
body FSX 
no gun 
strengthened wing 
GE engine 
no missles [or A2a wiring except tip=IR] 
66 radar & FLIR & ECM

FSX anti ship 
less MERS than other 16s 
GE engine 
good radar

YF16 73

S-3B+ Viking [ASW]
-A version 187 made between 1972 1978, testing of new avionics in ASW [-B] role began 1986, production 1988.
Mnom 42,500
Vne=834km/h @approx 18,000'
engine Tf34x2 fans 9275lb
G limits = guessing 5.8, negative limited -1.6
climbing is great wing loading is low, quite slick and agile
2 wing pylons for MER, of AGM84a/e or Agm65e/g
Internal Bay = approx 2100lbs or torps, depth charges, no AR missiles launchers
ECM smart pods x 2, Jammers CW [est]
IR seeker, targetting Harm seeker,
Cost 27$mil USA 98

Used in Afghanistan?

sim baseline was A6 with An24 shape. FA TK Sim limitation I tried to make it JSTARS linkable with dword 4004, it did not work work or even shows plane in selection screen
added to GT r49 nov 07 2001

Exports / MISC
A-4C/L/P 1960- skyhawk  Argentinia, Malaysia, Singapore, US Marines, .. 
baseline ATFG a4m with x31 body 
as of Jun 7 /98 includes imported A4E body from FA 
eng = 8,400 J65W20 
fuel =1,600lb consumpt 3  range=80miles 
weight= 9700 mtow=22,500 
guns 2x 20mm 200rnd total [boresite] m61 used to simulate 
max range=  ~700 
v= 649m @ 0 1040k 
G= -2 , + 6.5 
radar: [only on some E/J models] apg53 [using a10] 
- no hud - no ccip [but it still shows..]  [vis300] 
max climb 82 = ~7,000'/min 
hardpoints are split up: 3 bomb racks only 
3 x mk82 center , 
3 on each inner HP iron only, 
no semi active rdr rdy sparrow or bullpup or harm 
extra references: Profile, A4 A-F & Harry S Gann concise data 
series modes: ccip still shows!!, no radar, g drag etc.. fixed 

pros: agile, great for CAS 
cons: limited range, no ecm, no radar

loadout  :defaultTypeName0 	string "VIS300.SEE"
:defaultTypeName1 	string "M61.JT" :defaultTypeName2 	string "MK82.JT"
:defaultTypeName3 	string "MK82.JT" :defaultTypeName4 	string "MK82.JT"
:defaultTypeName5 	string "AIM9B.JT" 	end   load into .M file  "A-4
on low CAP 80-90's" obj .. 	hardpoint 3 1 AIM9JNP.JT 	hardpoint 4 1
AIM9JNP.JT 	hardpoint 5 1 AIM9JNP.JT 	.

see canada for CF5A

Tiger II
blk 73
lib 20 circa '78
series 5

will be used in Iran Iraq war 80-88

cons: limited range, radar

A-7E replaces A-7E
g+7 high game speed s/l env is too low 602kt is reality
high g pull
no mention of radar so removed ECM chaff remains
climb 12.6T'/min climb unit increased alot +G 2 also fixed

A-7B new
15,000 empty Mtow=38,000 12,200 eng
env good for t-33 f-80?

Grumman F11F-1 Tiger 
F11-F1 Tiger using Mf1 body 
baseline f5e, body mf1 
One Wright J65-W-18 axial-flow turbojet, rated at 7400 lb.s.t. dry  and 10,500 lb.s.t. with afterburning.  
Performance:  Maximum speed 753 mph at sea level, 727 mph at 35,000  
feet.  Cruising speed 577 mph.  Initial climb rate 5130 feet per minute.  Service ceiling 41,900 feet.  Normal range 1275 miles.  
Weights:  14,330 pounds empty, 21,280 pounds loaded, 24,078 pounds  maximum.  
Fuel capacity:  1049 US gallons maximum internal fuel capacity.  Two  
150-US gallon drop tanks could be carried on underwing pylons, bringing total fuel capacity to 1349 US gallons.  
Armament:  four 20-mm cannon in the lower edges of the air intakes.  
Four underwing pylons for external stores.  Four AIM-9 Sidewindr  
infrared-homing air-to-air missiles or two Sidewinders and two 150-US  
gallon drop tanks could be carried on underwing racks.  
F11F-1F version M2.04 80,000' ceiling was the super tiger, never in use 
Fighter dropped in favour of F-8 
Blue Angels flew F11-f1. 

hard points are split up 
cons: no ECM, no radar, slow @ high altitude

F-100D-55 Super Sabre

1956 USAF
Vmax mph 910@36 1464k @0 [structural failure] 1270k
stall 169mph 271k
ceiling 47000' climb ~11,000'/min [max 23,000']
wing area 400'2 span 39' 11.8m leng 49' 15 height 16' 4.8
J57 10,200 16000lb fuel 1739gal 6582L
radius 572mi 920k consumption 1.5 [2 for game, 14 AB]
mtow 37100 dry 20638
6 pylons 750+ each 4 can be IR no center - no radar? no chaff flares
gun M-39 4x20mm boresight
drop fuel to load up for bombing
game body baseline Q-5
body su7 texture - get /make custom?
envelope - poor rudder, poor high speed performance, stall severe, can outfly envelope, drag chute -yes
ver 55 and up can carry IR with rails

F-100 F wild weasel 66
less flap than D, can carry agm45, bullpup

F-100 ZEF

rocket assisted takeoff - simulated with afterburner
F-104A 68
see canada
F-106A 59?
see france other

crash abnd burn during lib testing
F-111 Series
skins donated, 1999, 2000
note: planes are heavily loaded and very sluggish until lightened!

EA Janes ATFG/FA defaults are nuts, these are totally rebuilt

  • f111 f111a no terain masking f104 radar, gun poor and rarely fitted
  • f111b terrain and f14 radar 6x phoenix 1255@0 both bad stall characteristics
  • f111f cannon right bay 2000 rnds, better stall
  • limited radar
  • no Phoenix
  • no gun
  • 2 CM packs
  • AWG9
  • Phoenix
  • no gun
  • 2 CM packs
F 'gulf'
  • laser desg
  • M61 gun
  • engine upgrade
  • no ecm, 2 CM packs
skin donated through Jon Stelling July 2000
  • alq99 - massive CW jamming
  • 2 std CM packs

new object for GT40
A-10 ANG  

replaces game A-10 
USA 1984 
3 fuse 
6 under wing  that are mer 3 
2 out wing that are mer 2 [harm, aim9 launchers] 
28 x mk82 possible 
climb 6,000'/min [too low in game] 
stall speed increased 
slow turbo fan spoolup 
most of game specs ok 
no ECM 
pylons increased to 11 
default loadout lightened to be able to take off.. . you can drop fuel & load-up!

X-15A2 Nasa

[X15A lite up]
new shape skin 200/02/03
prototype #2 GT
(looks more like an X15A1)[x15a gliding home]
look mom a fast glider!

[note: the newest x15 has a detailed skin]

here's a real weird one, during beta testing I found a game bug quirk. fly above 260,000 and stall, you may get it to go to a negative velocity while pointing down. you know what that means? you are being sucked into space! I know this would delight my cyberstakers if it happened to me. ROTFLMAO.
Maybe its an alien tractor beam!! LOL
[sucked into space]

The X-15A is much harder to model than you would think
manual edit the PT file [toolkit limits speed to 5000kmph as well as altitude]
The drag factor is radically different over this huge altitude range, so is lift over drag.
Not to mention the rocket force.

I Modeled the engine thrust at 300,000'
AND 4x the Vne for both G 0,+1 envelopes
BUT angle the slope of the control speed VNE to intersect around 3500kts at 250,000'

Here's what the real thing was like.

  • 53000 mtow
  • 20000 fuel
  • burn time 150s
  • 352000 ceiling
  • 22aoa
  • thrust 4x1900@alt @2000 low
  • V=mph4520 7280kmph
  • pitch sensitive on approach
  • accleration of over 50kts / sec !! ouch

mission: GX15.M

Tips :
  • no ejection seat
  • use the emergency strips if you dont reach altitude
  • align with your waypoints
  • don't pull more than 2g [high drag] while climbing
  • be higher than 3000'x distance in miles from a strip @550kts
  • do not fly higher than 260,000' or else canopy will bust [simulated by the weird stall]

Object trick
launching from the B52,
edit the M file and find the plane data location coordinates, they are listed in feet

  • B52 must be 200' above you
  • distances are measured from the forward edge limit of an object not its center
in general if compared to the default cheats added to US planes like the F16, nothing compares to cheats added to the helios - shame on EA

another aweful bug is the looping ability.
Aerodynamics limitations have little effect on helios shapes

unstable trick - make a elevator parameter loaded limit above 256, and you will get unstable flight

all helios modified gt36 - flyable etc

AH-64 Apache
1984 export, Gulf War

76 70mm rockets on 4 HPs


no it does not have apg-65 doppler radar, f18 ecm package like the game default !

other users:
  • IAF
  • Saudia Arabia
  • UAE
  • Bahrain
  • Kuwait
  • South Korea

GT started 2000/02/19
AH-64D Apache

[ah1d on deck]
mm Radar and hellfire

improved engine

GT started 2000/02/19
AH-1G/J Cobra/Sea
1968 army/ marines
1100shp twin engine [some say 2 x 1800]

GT started 2000/02/19

  • Spain
1982? dates hard to come by, many sub variants engine ratings all vary

TOW ready
engine 2 x 1800 [some say 1200] I'll use 1400 !

  • IAF
  • Greece
  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • Pakistan
  • Turkey

AH-1W Super Cobra
1988 Marines

2 x 1690 shp
TOW ready x 8

750 x 20mm

GT started 2000/02/19
AV8B Harrier II


  • improved CM pod USN
  • Aim120 ready
  • centerline each inner wing pylon 2000lb each
  • IR ECM in tail
  • 1185k@0
  • m1.25 @ 26,000' approx

GT generation 8 mods started Oct 13th/2000

to be fixed later
  • make +7.8 G
  • restore ECM belly pod
  • copy to RAF hariers and mod