for more screen shots see Screenshots

Mig31M 1992   

IR seeker, 8 x AA9 or 6x  R-37 w 2 R60 
proper loadout and HP placements 
4 R37 or AA9 on fuse, 2x AA9 or R37 inner wing 
outer wing 2AA9 or R60 or ASM 
added Jan 08 98 
v[max]= 786m M=1.07 [1257k] @0 / 2450mph  M=2.3 [3920k] @ 36 structural= +30, +60 
envelopes tweeked / limited @ sea level 
ceiling = 80000 
Mig-29 Fulcrum A export version 

users: Iraq, India, East Germany, former USSR states 
r-27, r-60 common loadout, with cluster bombs 
high alpha
radar / IR gunsights
stall=approx ?
game default way off


  • no spin


  • loadout limited
Mig-33 [canard, not the Mig-29M] 
quad fly by wire  
Air superiority fighter - HOT! 
G= +10, -4 
8 pylons 
better high speed performance 
RD33K engine = 22,000 lbs /each
shape MiG29 Snow
Mig-29 Fulcrum K India - Naval

[naval india]

replaces [snow] 
users: CIS, USSR - 1988 
radar / IR gunsights 
baseline mig29 A from 98/04/2
RD33K engine = 22,000 lbs /each
release 33 object was converted to MiG-29KI
4 pylons / wing = 4 outer R-73


  • better engine and AB
  • better loadouts
  • more seekers


MiG-27D/M Bahadur
{short description of image}
India variant

  • low alt
  • faster than MiG23 @ 0:
  • no radar
  • high loaded performance reductions

FA shape is way off [GT uses Mig23], as is default flight envelope

  • India
  • IAF 1986

modified to GT generation 7 specs 2000/01/01

MiG-23MLD Flogger-K
{short description of image}
dogfighter, dogtooth

  • IR seeker
  • Laser Designator
  • better high /low speed handling
  • better radar
  • better engine


  • USSR
  • India as MJ

modified to GT generation 7 specs 2000/01/01

MiG-23BN Flogger-H WW
Indian Variant (no radar)
mix between Mig23MF - Mig27 only slower down low
{short description of image}

  • extra armour
  • higher vertical landing speed [big tires]

  • no radar

users: Cuba, Iraq, Vietnam

modified to GT generation 7 specs 2000/01/01

MiG-23MF Flogger-BE

[Libyan MiG23
  • old AAM

  • many
  • Libya

modified to GT generation 7 specs 2000/01/01


A version
v=2232(3571k) [structural] @ 36k 
1280k [670kts] 



modified to GT generation 7 specs 2000/01/01

1984 improved radar & engine & R37 

radar mig 29  mass=82 / 38 ceiling=80,000  fuel= 8/36 17,410L [28720lbs] & less efficient than mig31 
no gun [of course] extra ECM carried 
improved lookdown 
4 x R77  1 center weapon ~5000 

2980 @ 43
1450 @ 0

{short description of image}
shape ported from FA 1999/07/28

  • India A-M
  • Iraq A
  • Libya A-M
  • Egypt A-M
  • USSR [stopped 1984] M

modified to GT generation 7 specs 2000/01/01

for J-7 series see China
[Chinese F-7M new texture - lo res]
MIG 21 series
body J7

-C [body j7] 57 -C t-12,600 no radar


[replacement for mig 21]'
1967/69 -K
14,550 eng CHAff pack / climb in game ~9000
can carry centerline SARH [AA6 or similar]
for IAF missions 1967

-N bis ~76 -N
58,070'/min climb 16,500eng

for MiG19 series see China

for MiG15 see Korea
MiG17 PF

apg30 type range only
mtow 13351
eng 7605 [11700]
fuel 2326L
37mm x2 = 80?
4 wing 1000lb PL
1145k @ 0
also included a non-afterburner version

slightly more agile, used in VIETNAM

Su-7BM over Egypt 1967
for IAF missions 1967
215 m radius

ceiling 59,000
M= 1.6

1160 km @ SL

4851 lb fuel

pros: good gun, high

cons: limited range, no guided AG missles, limited ammo

Su-22M-4 Fitter-K
[Su-22M-4 Fitter-K]
Su-15 F  
su15 f5e body
interceptor Mach 2+ 1972 
Flagon 1972 
added feb 97 
baseline env mig23, body F5e 
eng = 2 x 15,875 w AB 
hp 4 under wing ~1,200 each 
hp on center offset 10, 2,000 each tank or IR 
radar x band >60miles 
ceiling 65,00 
v = 2.5 @ 36 clean  1650t [1897m] 3036k 
v = 2.2 @ 36 
v = 1.0 @ 0 660 [1242k] 
v stall = 137t 260k 
mtow = 35,275 
Gsh 23 
ecm = mig 27 
radar = f14 
damage 113 
G limits = -2, +7

see Missions for a tough Cold War Mission 


strike / naval package

Su-25 A

users: USSR, iraq, hungary , Czech
high accel can go Mach 1.05 [clean]
improved proper loadouts no radar [except short range optical, terrain nav]
hi load perf reductions - low g pull drag stall speed increased mtow 41890, toe 20950
eng 2x 11240

reworks on Skin, Release 39

[Su25 Iraq / Czech]
stealthy frogfoot
users: CIS 1995
better ecm than 25 , 4 a2a outer, IR designator, a10 type gun, inner pylons can carry 6000kg! weapons [hmm so they claim?] harm seeker, IR seeker

Su-54K  (S-54)
Su-54K Advanced trainer using Grippen body 
1996 Russia's new advanced 12G trainer  
export to replace L-39s .. as a lightweight supersonic advanced trainer 
Janes 1996 page 382  97/98 
mtow= 20,745  / empty= 10,560 
pl= 10,185 
wing inner HP split 
wingtip 2 aa11  / centerline= iron 
fuel max = 3,600 lbs 
v= 0.98 @ S/L  727/1172k 
v=1.55 @36  1023/1640 
careful structural limits set max speed 
g limit +12 -4  loaded reduction 70% 
climb 90 
baseline = raf M, su34 with canards 
engine= 1x  9,260 / 13,600 
body  jas39 
FLIR, ECM Radar[est]=mig29 50miles track 
radar gun sights 
1g tweak at 3000/85k for bell [canards] 
pros: very agile [answer to F16], navalized , fly by wire! 
cons: slower less range than su27 family, fragile
Russian Su-37 forward sweep wing fighter using X32 body & x29 shadow 
1997 Berkut 
not to be confused with Su-37 
body x-32 [intakes same] shadow is x29 
sweep forward wing, stealth, vectored thrust [like su35?- yes] twin tail [su35] 
internal bay slots 4 way split for custom loadouts: 
outer 2x 2 as14, inner fore= 2 x aa11 inner aft 2x aa12 
stall ~115kt, nose wheel speed ~160kt, 
weights: approx [40500/75000] 
max climb = 88 
eng 2 su35 vector 
radar gunsights 
series 2:  G +9 
vectored thrust [pitch] 
verify loadouts, VSTOL? V max & env 
V max [est] @ 0 = m0.95  1150  @ 36,000 = m1.6-1.8  1950 
compared to su35: less fuel, less loadout, slower, lower RCS 

F-22  $91    (pitch) 
F-31  $591  (pitch and yaw) 

skin actually Green
Su-27 Flanker-B

R-27 series, LR, IR, R1
as of 1984

  • high alpha setting is 4x !
  • very difficult to fly and land
  • take off full stick back
  • this plane can kill you
  • use rudder for best turning

Generation 8 envelopes Oct 10/00
Su27SMK China

  • 12 hardpoints

  • uses R77-Exports
  • high alpha IS limited

generation 7b started 2000/01/22
Generation 8 envelopes Oct 10/00

  • high alpha setting is 4x !
  • very difficult to fly and land
  • take off full stick back
  • this plane can kill you
Air - Ground WW

Vne: 2220 [approx]

export AG version
B-25 big heavy unguided rocket, frag, pen, anti runway

12 hardpoints = 17 635

pro: good loadout, strike
cons: slower at altitude, less range, more fragile than -27
[ S-25-OFM too low! ]

created generation 7/8b 2000/01/22 for next lib release 33

  • loadouts

  • slower at alitude
  • more fragile

Generation 8 envelopes Oct 10/00

  • high alpha setting is 2x !
  • difficult to fly and land
  • take off with full stick back, get nose +15
  • this plane WILL kill you if you fly it hard

Su-30MKI India's Su35, Su30MK offspring

  • improved radar
  • improved weapons systems
  • vector thrust
  • production started early 2002 [India to convert MKs into MKI]

added to GT 50 Jan 2002

Su-33 Naval Flanker

most of generation 5,6,7,8 mods

Su-27K can carry a maximum ordnance load of 6500 kg (14,330 lb) and maximum take-off weight is reduced to 32000 kg (70,546 lb). Various air-to-surface weapons have been displayed under or beside statically displayed Su-27Ks, including the massive 250-km (135-nm; 155-mile) range Kh-41 Moskito ASM, the anti-radar Kh-31 and the smaller Zvezda Kh-35 ('Harpoonski') ASM.

  • high alpha setting
  • normal fuel load

Generation 8 envelopes Oct 10/00

  • high alpha setting is 2x !
  • difficult to fly and land
  • take off full stick back
  • this plane can kill you
Su-33KUB Fleet Defender Flanker

shape: Su34
2 seater

150mile phase array radar [new]
A2A A2G data link
High Alpha - unlimited !

think of it as the bastard son of Su-33 and Su-34, highly agile but very modernized

zip includes mission:
Jan 2000, where CIS fleet is sent in to break out the captive Russian cargo ship held by the USA in the Persian Gulf. Exciting game play, and multiplayer.

modelled into GT lib 35 jn 2000 [another FA first]

Generation 8 envelopes started Oct 10/00
  • high alpha setting is 4x !
  • very difficult to fly and land
  • take off full stick back
  • this plane can kill you

Su-32FN1994  pre-Su34
SU34FN using Su34 body 
Janes 95,96 page 379  [&97/98] baseline su34 ATFG 
mtow=97,800  2x engine=30,865 AB 
FLIR ECM , Laser desg 
v= 1.8 @ 36,000  2890k  v= 1.01 @ S/L 

loadout may vary:
hardpoints: 2 wingtip - r73b required 
6 under wing 'heavy' pylons 
4 inner wing pair 4000lb each [calc'd with supplied payload and weapons inventory] 2x MER 
2 outer 2500lb each [2 exocets loaded to simulate Kh15 standoffs]  can carry AS16 
2 fuselage 2,5000 each [loaded 2 agm88 to simulate Kh58 AdvHARM] 

radar gunsights - loaded performance 62/97 = 64% 
stall ~97kts 

  • inflicts heavy damage to ship convoys,
  • strike,
  • agile when light, tough,
  • navalized,
  • good lift, lower stall
  • high performance heavy wide-ranging payloads

  • low altitude structural limits

Generation 8 envelopes Oct 10/00

  • high alpha setting is 4x !
  • very difficult to fly and land
  • take off full stick back
  • this plane can kill you

Su37 Freefall 
SU37 Freefall with Su35 Forest body 
next generation su35, vector pitch & yaw  
production 1998, prototypes 1996  
phase array radar [simulated with mig31] 
14 HP 
low RCS 
baseline su35b [forest] 
very high AOA [ can fly backwards! -will work into series 3] 
V= @ 0 1400k / @36,000 2500k 
G= +9, -4 
eng= more thrust than Su35 
launching systems [outer wing pylons] can fire at high angle off aspect 
wingtip rear firing R73

Maximum flight speed, km/h:  - near ground ............................. 1,400 - at altitude . 2,500  
Maximum number of simultaneously carried air-to-air missiles ................................. 14  
Maximum weight of ordnance load, kg ............................ 8,000  
Flight range with one mid-air refueling, km ........................... 6,500  
Service ceiling, m ................................. 18,000  
Copyright (B Military Parade JSC, 1997. Design by X-Project  

pros: leathal, long range radar, low RCS, full X & Y axis thrust vectoring, combat thrust to weight > 1 
cons: no super crusie like f22 
-thanks to Gavin Bennet for additional info [nope I didn't copy his PT]

to be added:
seven examples of the new Novator KS-172 AAM-L ultra-long-range missile. Originally revealed with a range of 300 km (186 miles), this has a new solid-propellant booster section (which adds 1.4 m/4.6 ft to the 6-m/19.7-ft long missile), increasing effective range to 400 km (248 miles).
altitudes of up to 30000 m (98,425 ft)

notes: high alpha setting

new skin Gt 50 2002 jan

Su37 Freefall  Demostrator

generation 8 [2000/01/18] testbed includes, bell manouver evelopes tweeks [not ready], more acrobatics

replaces Su35B in game

  • easy on the stick or you will find yourself low in energy
  • keep nose up on takeoff
  • acrobatic, controlled stalls
  • high alpha unlimited

IL-2 Stormavik  1941 
[gen 6+] 
eng=1700 hp 
damage points 262 
2 30mm cannons plus turret 23mm 
body is A10 
you got to stick and rudder this baby! 
v max= 213kts @ 0 [structural]  g limits -2, +4 
TU-16 Badger

early circa 72

Tu-142 Bear -H

replaces game Tu-95
modern payloads

modern weapons bay changes 18 x points on 3 6 rotars total 184,000 [ 6 AS16]

  • attack radar
  • can carry any A2A


{short description of image}
{short description of image}
6 x kh15

6 x kh15

  • takeoff -keep nose up, pull way up on take off 20kts below max forward speed.
  • missions - edit text file fuel 40 is plenty, bird is sluggish loaded with fuel

  • long range
  • speed
  • great ECM,
  • Kh15 ASM

  • sluggish when fueled up

test mission included gtu160x

remodelled [gen 7] dec 28 1999
Displacement: 67,000 tons full load
Dimensions: 984 x 124.5 x 36 feet/300 x 38 x 11 meters
Propulsion: Steam turbines, 8 boilers, 4 shafts, 200,000 hp, 30 knots .
Crew: 1500 plus air wing
Armor: uncertain; probably little or none
Armament: 16 SS-N-19 Shipwreck SSM, 18 8-cell SA-N-9 Gauntlet SAM VLS, 8 CADS-1 CIWS (each 2 30mm gatling AA plus 16 SA-N-11 SAM), 6 AK-630 30 mm gatling AA, 2 RBU-12000 ASW rocket launchers
Aircraft: approx. 30