Warnings and Alerts
brought to you as a public service from the
Global Tribunal and concerned veteran Internet watchdogs

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[ all unique users since May 1993 ]

Sadly our flight Sim community has "cyber thugs" that disgrace us, the hobby and damage the sim industry.

Some radicals will not stop until

  • ALL Global Tribunal/Galen Thurber sites sites are removed
  • Galen Thurber is booted from the Internet
  • GT resources and supporters are banned from public groups
  • and some even resort to death threats
  • their Denial of Service Attacks are successful [cyber terrorism].
Galen has Internet Security experience since 1993::
  • On-line Vandalism. Protection
  • Protection against Denial of Service Attacks
  • ICQ users - privacy security dangers
  • MS Windows security and privacy dangers
  • Internet Auditing Project - the Internet is still unsecured
Wall of Shame
The Watchdog says "Cyber crime is in our flightsim hobby, together we can slow the cancer"
We are with you !
This list has become too big to maintain... so... see off site group for details: JanesCombatNetwork fans

List of repeating cheaters, cyber vandals, racists.




ALIAS JCN ABUSER/CHEATER LIST: (also note aliases may have ~, . , = prefixes/suffixes) updated 2001/03/10 ***SPORT*** .TheAvenger. .TheIncredible. ~Kutha~ ~TECUMSEH~ <--Viper--> =FastShadow= =Gabooz= =Gen.Rip= =Sir.Rip= 90th-MaTriX 90th-Matrix Angel_369th App's App's.THE.rookiE BEAR_257th Browneye Chameleon Chief_Tecumseh Col_DISCO DUCK_369th Empty EMPTY FalconTestPilot ILL_EAGLE Janes_Online_Monitor JACK_ASSASSIN JAR_42MDP Jester JFC_SHADOW johnyblaze Khanda Kutha_49th Kutha LongJohn49th Maj_BUCKSAW McNightmare motorhead_6 Mystik_42MDP Patrov Pete Wheatstraw RANGER_257th ROCKET49th Savoirfaire SPIKE_369th TBoner The =Sir.Rip= TheDarkAngel TNRedneck Tokaybyt49th TomChambers Tracker000 SunTzu_42MDP