FREE, Improved Speed, Stability, Hi Fidelity, 1915-2006, Compatibility, Open Source (verifiable)...

Looking for the best envelopes and aerodynamics for FA? Look right here where it was done first: climb, bank, roll, dive angles, drag, loaded drag, loaded reductions, gear pitch / drag, radar / ir signatures, Vne, Ceiling, G tables, FBW, wheel / air brakes, flap performance, nose wheel speeds, sink values, vertical landing speeds, polars, angle of approach, AOA, stall, multi behavioral spins, torque, super chargers, engine spool up, rudder, ...

Looking for best realism in guns, weapon and ECM performance? Look right here where it was done first: speeds vs altitude, climb and turn rates, burn turns, final tracking: Guns: bubbles and offsets, fire rates, jamming, initial and final speeds, ...

Another big plus! You wont see GT impersonating military heroes or otherwise con you !

50+ ADVANTAGES You get for FREE 50+ DISADVANTAGES you won't get here
FREE High Fidelity / Realism Flight Sim Libraries for the still very popular Jane's Fighters Anthology Patch or rebuild other inferior, cosmetic or unscalable simulators.
All ERAS, any country Fantasty, fiction based F/A18, F-22, UFOs, "Top Gun" (the movie) mentality projects
OPEN Source libraries in which both pilots and developers can have a huge head start building other better simulators Secret read-only / proprietary libraries and patches that try to con you
Referenced material and links to many other on-line data stores Reference our own data or restrict access to them under the excuse of it being 'classified', 'proprietary'
FAQs and tips not included anywhere else on the internet Cut and paste of other's works
high fidelity flight envelopes (well over 60 data point fixes per plane) Low fidelity flight envelopes common in recent flight sims
Independently run, no (hidden) sponsors, full disclosure =truthworthy Commercial sponsorships, gifts, recruitment for any military, militia, virtual special ops wanna Bs..., non disclosure = untrustworthy
Priority fixes not just graphics Just Icons and Skins ignoring the major sim bugs
Declared intention web sites with safe and mature listservers / usergroups Undeclared moderated and censoring message boards for our own hypocritical agenda (see SimHQ, 257th, 369th)
Unrestricted access to the site and project material! No censorship Ban entire domains and censor contributors (unlike other sites such 714FTW/WTM/257, simHQ, Limech ...). CENSORSHIP
Globally focussed and mature 'squadron' Squadrons that you must kowtow to (such as 257th, 369th, 714FTW)
Real people with verified credentials Aliased persons with bogus military credentials and groupie hypocrites that usually tag along
Safe and fast JAVA free site, with only one counter cookie (no threat of having your computer hacked into) Unsafe and slow sites with banners, Adverts, popups, dangerous JAVA / scripts that have attempted to steal your history files or passwords (see warnings page)
= unsecure, track you
Frequent updates, support and responses to your requests for 3 years and running
An abandoned project with no support (see PMOK, 714, CWF)
Bug reports, fixes, solutions, ideas are welcome Bit bucket (trash) for your requests
extensive cheat busting fixes Inserted cheats privy to the developer and supporters (see reviews)
proper weapon performance & loadouts (including weapons speed cheat busting). Over 30 detailed parameters such as ECM, targeting, final, aspects, lookdown... Sloppy placement, performance. Fast weapon speeds that offers advantages during multiplayer for hosts and faster CPUs (common cheat). Generic ranging values and hit percentages
weapon placements, loadouts, including slew limits hardpoints that allow for Multiple Ejector Rack MER loadout cheats
loadouts for maximum multi role whenever possible, allows for instant placement in missions Airbase assault (stable patching) loadouts that add cheats, (seekers...) or cripple mission building
modified objects that are visually indicated on selection screens, for the utmost cheat/bias busting sim play minimally modified objects that you can not identify as repaired or not with in the game, "what was changed?"
Elevator affected by fuel distribution and loadouts. G range effected default elevator reductions
Loaded drag reductions limiting cruise speeds (see A-1 Spad) low or no drag reductions
Rolls rates that are near realistic and affected by loadouts high or crippled roll rates with near no loaded performance reductions
Stall speeds and proper flap lift and drag, and sink rates unusually low stall speeds with flaps; such as 120km/h instead of 230km/h, little or very high sink rates
full G ranges (even fractional) including over G pull high alpha effects speculative propaganda G values
Vne that you can fly past and destroy your plane default velocities that never allow past Vne flight
Hit bubbles and ground effects fixes dues to scale problem fix the scale limitation (game objects are larger than life - see FAQ)
Radar matching / limiting & multiple ECM types and effectiveness true multi mode radar (a game limitation), aspect limitations, limitations for AI, lock loss
proper radar gun sights, slaved gun sights, ranging, convergence model bullet energy forces (hit points) over distance, a game limitation is static hit points
gun fire rates (stable & fair for multiplayer) a major cheat buster feature CPU based fire rates that offers advantages during multiplayer for hosts and faster CPUs (common cheat)
weapon hit points that match 3d objects (harmonization) including oblique blast zones (unguided weapons must be delivered precisely) default radius blast zones or large cheater blast areas; hit points that offer cheats on certain target types
climb, dive performance angles based on lift over drag and wingloading formulas (see FAQ); proper climb ratios and dead stick landings boosted or crippled angles / no dead stick capabilities (game default is very bad)
bank effects vs alt vs G n.a
air brake, wheel brake drag (chutes can be simulated) high values that allow false decelerations and don't account for the scale bug while on the ground
nose wheel pitch ups and ground forward speeds limitations added ground loops
vertical descent speeds, landing for various plane types, carrier, heavies ... high descent speeds allowed, bouncing. (huge game cheat, bug)
sink rates that are reasonable (polars) sink rates that start more than 100 knots above stall
Stall characteristics are detailed including engine torque and rudder effects, flat & inverted spins. flight controls systems also simulated. Allows for acrobatics. unrecoverable or severe entry stalls for most planes;
non linear flight envelopes per G; allows for simulation of wide variety of corner speeds, low speed handling, high speed hydraulic limits, fly by wire and much more linear flight envelopes per G template /table driven; matching high speed envelopes resulting in loss of stick sensitivity at various speeds
Engines types such as turbocharged; including power curves. Also JATO and zero launch simulated true JATO or contrails
Carb inverted effects (limited)
Carb icing, full inverted effects, compressor stalls, reliability (well not yet)
sailplanes, including drag coefficients, polars, tow planes, sounds truly simulate towing; no ropes or winch
Unlimited historical mission eras: such as Chechnya, Kosovo, Iran-Iraq, Pakistan 1999, NAM, Korea 1952, Cold War, WW II, far back as 1915 up to any current crisis US based mission sets only, nor
racist slants to missions
IRCS, Radar Cross Sections template driven values
detailed loaded performance reductions guessed at values or none at all; cheats values of 0
high Alpha, & AOA, G pull drag including envelopes with planes with flight control systems on or off (also allows for jet acrobatics F/A18, Su-27-37 ...) default or generic values regardless of type
tested on auto pilot & enemy AI planes that won't take off or fight, easy kills
Global airforces rare planes USA! IAF, Sweden, France, Czech, India... US only
SAMS AAM SANs that range, track, fire, lead with final fusing ECM altitude reductions (massive rework of game defaults) including rod, fragmentation damage points guessed at SAM values with no limitations such as altitudes, aspect, final tracking
AAA (massive rework of game defaults)
Ships and vehicles with limited ammo, slewing and concurrent secondary weapon firing (including torpedoes, flak, AAA) unlimited ammo, unrestricted weapon slewing on ships and vehicles, no concurrent firing (such as ships' SAM and AAA)