[HyperLOBBY HyperFighter]
Welcome to the HyperLobby ALERT site. This site exists to protect you from the dangers of the HyperLobby Gaming Software found on: http://hyperfighter.sk/ copy and paste this link into your browser if you are sent to a deceptive site other than HLJ.
Why does this site exist, I found it looking for the HyperLobby Gaming server [HL]? As a concerned net citizen I feel that in order to make a decision one needs to know facts; I care about privacy and security issues online. I consider HyperLobby on Jinak to be a dangerous program.
Who are you? I am Galen Thurber, an IT Web Consultant who has over 20 years of computer experience. I have volunteered online since 1993 delivering security, web, privacy, flight simulation products.
Who runs the HLJ site? Jiri Fojtasek a.k.a JG27*Hyper runs the HyperLobby site on Jinak [HLJ]. There are also several hidden lobby managers who monitor, ban, boot users.
Are you a hacker, I heard you were? If you mean someone who breaks into systems or damages computers or web site. Absolutely not; in fact I am trained to stop such cyber vandals.
Who pays for this site? I pay for this site out of the goodness of my heart.
Why did you steal the HyperLobby name? I did not steal the HyperLobby name. I registered the domains hyperlobby.com and hyperfighter.net There is no copyright on the name HyperLobby or HyperFighter
How come I don't see your information on other sites? Many sites have censored the facts about HLJ. The other HLJ site has banned people for simply mentioning concerns about the program.
Did you ever support HLJ site? Yes in fact I brought over many users from the EA Janes Combat Net. I even offered the two domains names to Jiri.
Are you banned from HLJ and why? Yes I am banned for life from using the HL program (according to Jiri). The reason why is that several fundamentalist Christians (who have been harassing me online for years) pressured
I have seen you in the HLJ lobby harssing people, why are you such an asshole? Obviously that was not me. I behave in a civilized way. Besides I am banned. Those who wish to discredit me often impersonate me. A simpletons con.
I heard you were banned because you spammed HL, hacked the site. What is the truth? I have never spammed anyone ever. The accusers claim proof but can NOT produce anything (because there is none). Just a con to cover their abuses.
I heard you were banned because you stole the HL program code for your own server, what is the truth? I don't run a game server, nor did I at the time
How did you find the dangers in HL program? Several users were experiencing reboots, locks up while using the HL program. After I was banned I started to analyze the HL software.
What did you find?
  • software installs powerful system files
  • those system files ARE not reported or do they get uninstalled
  • software installs powerful remote access to your system, bypassing your virus and firewall programs
  • remote access to your system is routed to a hidden location[s], connect to the HLJ server are tunnelled and encrypted
  • Jiri refuses to offer a verify identities
  • software can allow remote rebooting of your machine
  • software is NOT detectable by trojan / virus checkers, because each module is not dangerous by itself. Simply crafty concept.
  • Jiri refuses any audit of the software by a trusted 3rd party.
Do you have evidence about the HLJ program?

more evidence

Have you received threats, spam or abuse from HLJ supporters? Yes, much. For well over a year I have received (and keep getting) threatening and profane emails. In fact my site flightsimHQ has been hit with thousands of cyber attacks as a result providing this information for your safety.

One of the biggest attacks came from Jiri himself. SPAM ATTACK over 1500/hr messages flooding my e-mail address. See images of unaltered actual screen captures of my e-mail clients showing some of the massive attack, take note of pages numbers and e-mail count. Jiri guilty as charged!
How do I remove the HLJ from my system? How to remove the HyperLOBBY infection from your system
Many people use HLJ and say it is safe, who is telling the truth? Many people smoke and it is not safe. When you use HLJ program you allow FULL access of whoever is running the HLJ server to your machine. If that person decides to attack your machine there is no defense because you let them in by installing the software and allowing it to bypass your firewall
So HLJ is a trojan? Never said it was. It works as described as a powerful gaming lobby BUT also as remote access program.
I heard HLJ was sent to trojan labs and they found nothing? I am aware of this false claim. Firstly HLJ was send to Diamonds trojan site, they admit to NOT even running the program only scanning it. Useless. Besides HLJ won't be detected as a trojan because the main software program does not access your drive it utilizes other system programs that do. A simple but crafty way around detection software.
Do you have a site with more information? Yes, you are welcome to visit flightsimHQ. It contains uncensored information about the flight sim community along with many free products: skins, patches, security tips, references
Is there somewhere else safe to lobby? There is an Open Source (so you can check what the program does on your machine) called EFCN. It supports a growing number of sims. THe safest way is simply fly with those you know over direct IP# connections.
THANK YOU GALEN! Most welcome! Surf safe !

(C) Galen Thurber - galen@flightsimhq.org

last updated: 2005 nov 14