Dear Reader:

As an anti-vandal I created this site to empower users against the unverified dangerous software HyperLOBBY.


PS - I hate racists, liars and cheaters!

Galen Thurber

Web Security Analyst, CNA
Web Consultant
Computer Experience 19 years

"I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think." Socrates (470-399 BC)


HyperLOBBY Jinak hits 3 of my email addresses with massive email bombs, over 4000 per hour!!

See screen captures of the attack. Jiri busted ! (lok at captures hl-flood .. )

Questions/ statements Answers
What is HyperLOBBY? HL is a popular simulator launching software for various sims.
Who made HyperLOBBY? Lead programmer is Jiri Fojtasek
Who runs HL servers? Good question. Since the HL software
Does HL allow remote access to your computer? Yes. It allows powerful remote control to your files, as well as being able to reboot your system.
Does HL uninstall itself? No it leaves remote access software behind as well as registry entries.
What trojan software detects HL hidden files? As of Jan 2002, none that I have tried
What software can I use to detect HL software?
  • SpyGuru [directory monitoring]
  • BlackICE [packet capturing]
  • DirectoryCRC [it checks before and after installs]
  • Ethereal [packet capturing analysis]
Does HL get re-coded to bypass detection? Yes each version gets harder to detect hidden files / control
What is the Mswinsck.ocx HL installs, it says it is signed by Microsoft it must be safe then? Mswinsck.ocx is one of the hidden files HL installs. IT IS VERY POWERFUL and HL can use ALL of it undetected by normal means. The files is only DATE signed and it has mismatched verification. This is suspicious.
Have you asked for an independent review of the code to show that it is safe? HL team refuses any audit of the software !
Is HL site open for all users worldwide as Jiri has promised? Not at all. Jiri bans entire ISPs with no reason or recourse. My site my rules
Have you volunteered to HL? Yes several times. I've heavily promoted the site before I uncovered it's features. Also my donations were refused.
Does Jiri have any or verifiable credentials or IDs? Jiri refuses to supply any. I doubt Jiri is his real name. I have verifiable credentials and IDs for next to no cost.
Have people been banned from using HL? Yes , several. People have been banned for: not supporting HL with a "donation", posting about security issues with remote access, not being a Christian.
How come I haven't seen any concerns over HL hidden features? The topic is totally censored.
"Galen you are just jealous of HL and you want to steal HL code. Not at all. I encourage developers as my years of volunteering for such prove. I am an anti-vandal that buys all my software, I do not steal.
"Galen you are just a homo liar why should I believe you?" not worthy of a reply
Many people use HL so it must be safe. Many people use the internet and MS windows, they get infected and hacked. There is no safety in numbers when using software.
PC Pilot recommends HL, can't they be trusted? Well HL seemingly has PAID PC Pilot to run a 'feature' [which looks like a review but is an advertisement in my opinion]. PC Pilot refuses to analyze the HL features / code!
Can I sue someone who installs a trojan on my system? Sure if you know where and who they are. HL client connects to a server in the Czech Republic [] via port 1698 then that servers connects/pipes to undisclosed locations. You have no chance of finding who has remote access to your machine
What location is that? It is impossible to tell. The information in tunnelled [and encrypted] to undisclosed locations. This is not normal for hobby servers. This is normal for advanced hacking or commercial transactions.
"Galen. Love America or leave it !" If you mean USA, no I don't love it nor am I going to leave it since I don't live in it.
Galen have you ever spammed HL chat rooms or site? Never
Galen have people impersonated you on HL? Yes many times.
Galen have users that impersonated and promoted hate speech been banned? Not that I ever saw, in fact one abuser was made moderator.
Galen Jiri claims to have given you many warnings? No he has not. He refuses to show any proof of my hacking or spamming HL sites [cos he has none]. In fact Jiri had apologized for banning me once when an abuser was impersonating me.
Why do you call HyperLOBBY racist? Because it continues to ban people who are not Christians / not pro-American. It continues to allow hate speech

Here are some attacks from Jiri and his cronies. For your judgement.

from PC Pilot: Jan 20, 2002

Dear Galen

Thanks for your mail. We've taken a look at your website and our general conclusion was that you are about as mad as one can get and still remain at liberty. The best advice we can give you is not to read our dangerous magazine. We are a front for a number of prescribed organizations, as you have correctly guessed and our paper is impregnated with dangerous chemicals that take away your manhood. We'd also advise you not to visit the HyperLobby, which will prevent them searching your PC for incriminating material and passing it on to the CIA. We're not paranoid - it's just all those other blokes out there. For the record, we did mention the privacy issues in our feature but naturally, you didn't read it as you were probably outside your hut in the backwoods, waving farewell to the saucers as they soared back to Arcturus. See you in the interrogation chamber

Dermot Stapleton

Managing Editor

Defamation from Jiri himself

Deterrent example of bad guy ... 27.07.2001


... HyperLobby general forum Deterrent example of bad guy ... Posted by JG27_Hyper - 27.07.2001 08:57 Full name: Jiri Fojtasek Country: Slovakia Registered: September 2001 Website: http://hyperfighter.jinak.cz Hello all; Iam sorry for this post but i must comment this. Its really deterrent example ... Guy called flightsimHQ was start some abuses and lies about me and hyperlobby at his website http://groups.yahoo.com/group/janescombatnet . This guy is longer time banned from this messageboard and over week also from HL (after he start it in the HL chat)... After i was open HL 2.x series, i was get some warnings about bad attitude of this guy from some peoples that longer time know he. I was give for this guy some chances reficity his bad reputation. But he reject all that i was give for he and just starting atacking me with some lies. Because this guy is fully banned from this board, he was start abusing at boards of my friends and is posible that he will enter also your website with his spams and lies ... Notice how to overcome his spams. Its really simply DO NOT RESPOND HIS MESSAGES AND EMAILS othervise is posible that u get the same problems and anger that me ... My judgment is banning this guy from website and hl for ever ... Have fun my friends, and posible abusers remember this story/history ... Jiri Fojtasek

New action of our old known cyberterorist GT ... 20.09.2001


New action of our old known cyberterorist GT ... Posted by JG27*Hyper - 20.09.2001 08:36 Full name: Jiri Fojtasek Country: Slovakia Registered: September 2001

Good practice is ignore spams from this guy. More about history of this guy you can found in oldest topics there: Good practice is ignore spams from this guy. More about history of this guy you can found in oldest topics there: http://hyperfighter.jinak.cz/index.php?p_lng=&p_days=10000&p_cmd=entry&p_entry=668&page=messageboard

some of the abuse from JG27, HL team

"Hey idiot! From all of us in the command staff of the proud JG27, Fuck off and die! Eat shit and die, Go away and dont bother any of us again. " JG27 CO

the last version I checked [as did all previous ones] did change WINDOWS SYSTEM FILES without notice or uninstall feature [just like a trojan/virus]

HL 2273

[HL changed system files]

version 2160

{short description of image}

The top pair show the file installed by HyperLOBBY [without warning and not uninstalled]

The bottom pair show the original program.

Notice how much larger the HL installed file is; this is because it contains powerful commands used on your machine via remote control.

[switched eaexe]



For those of you still infected with HyperLOBBY, install SpyGuru and view the file Mswinsck.ocx yourself. Check out the commands it allows.

Have I caught HyperLOBBY client writing to my hard drive unsolicted ? Yes I have. [that data is for the authorities only]

Have I caught HyperLOBBY client reacting to ECHO REPLY WITHOUT REQUEST DATA? Yes I have [that data is for the authorities only]
Stealthy trojans can be activated by sending a special ECHO [PING] packet to the victim's machine to activate the trojan secretly.

Have I caught the ECHO REPLY WITHOUT REQUESTS coming into my machine when sending certain data to the running HL client? YES !

Have I caught the ECHO REPLY WITHOUT REQUESTS coming into my machine when sending certain data to the running HL servers? YES from other machines!

These are VERY alarming findings !


Conclusion :

Why does HL supporters and team try so VERY hard to discredit and silience any concerns about security and who they are? If HL was honest code run by honest people they would gladly show what they are doing and be open to honest concerns... but no they just defame and attack people. Their actions speak of guilt.