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Integrity Guarantee
  1. open source, importable, verifiable code
  2. volunteer (no hidden commercial activity)
  3. globally focussed and non-racist
  4. original anti-cheater network
  5. no gimmicks, no contests
  6. no phoney war heroes
  7. no hidden web page scripts or trackers
  8. no access restrictions
  9. no popup windows !
  10. no piracy, warez, serials, cracks, trojans, virii
Founded, sponsored by Galen Thurber :
This site supports:
opensource software
animal & human rights
facts based skepticism
www.iraqbodycount.org www.iraqbodycount.org
Resources & Projects
YSFlight Realism Pack by Galen Thurber

[2010-jan]   March 31 2015, major release 25 "Panther Piss!" see updates
Korean War Era


aLinux (Peanut legacy) Support
Public files: Linux, eBay, rescue-CD, rescue floppies
Community News, Support
Strike Fighters campaigns and skins by Galen Thurber
GlobalTribunal by Galen Thurber
(massive realism rebuild of Fighters Anthology. Offers the only protection against regular and stealth cheats. Missions, campaigns, scenery, skins, weapons, ECM/CM and more. Started in 1997.
RedBEAR by Steven Chen
Home of Project FTRON. Patches, campaigns, tips, FAQs, sci-fi for Fighters Anthology.  (hosted on Geocities)
FlopDog by Alex "Rick.R.Morits" Fauth
Rick R.'s The Fighters Anthology Page, missions packs, skins, etc..., downloads, realism and fun patches  (hosted on Geocities). Project inactive spring 2003