[flightsimHQ] presents... Global Tribunal REALISM pack for YS Flight Simulation
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  1. save  ysflightrealism25.zip
    md5: 6077efb890f4b5bb4252048cd75f6990
  2. extract archive
  3. enter ysflightrealism folder
  4. run program (missions will be loaded and saved in your Documents/YSFLIGHT.COM folder)
  5. run correct program, see documentation

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future release War Thunder alternative called "War Theatre"

March 31 2015, major release 25 "Panther Piss!" see updates
Korean War Era
  • 1947-1950 "Korean War Theatre"
  • lower hardware requirements
  • adding more era ground objects, carriers
  • weapon visuals for era
  • sound now working for both 32bit & 64bit
  • programs have been renamed 
    • ysflight32-gl1beta, ysflight32-gl2beta,
    • ysflight64-gl2beta, ysflight64-gl2beta,
    • ysflight for windows dx9, gl1, gl2

New Release 24  March 17 2013:
  • new ysflight version 201207
  • Tribute to Amelia Earhart 1937 (and Linda Finch's 1997) Hawaii flight
    Cameos by Ruth Nichols, Amy Johnson, Bessie Coleman.
  • Spain 1939 with I-16 Type5
  • I-16 Type24 updated
  • Wildcat updated
  • Linux sound bugs fixed (only 32bit working)
  • see missions section for missions,
  • download missions for release 24

  • create a super download of YS with great add on packs (Oranlead,TF58,2ch, CEP, plus...)
  • improve the flight characteristics
  • seek limitations of the flight model engine
  • document findings, FAQs, tips
  • more realistic roll rates and recovery [done]
  • more realistic sea level speeds
  • more realistic high speed limits at differing altitudes (not possible so far)
  • high speed G limits (not possible so far)
  • aircraft ceilings (not possible so far)
  • aircraft selectable by year [done]
  • more realistic G ranges
  • more realistic Flap effects and drag (done)
  • more realistic stall entry and exits
  • acrobatic maneuvers, Cobras, Bell etc...
  • rebuild damage system on guns, SAMS, bombs, AAAs
  • more realistic ammunition counts, gun power and firing rates
  • more realistic strength of Tanks, buildings, bridges and hangars  (mostly done).
  • more realistic sounds [done]
  • better protection against multi-player cheats (started)
  • mission building documents tools
  • aircraft comparison chart and launcher [programmers needed]
Produced by Galen Thurber

Greatly improved / new:

  1. flight dynamics
  2. G force ranges
  3. stall characteristics (still limited by sim),
  4. rudder inertia
  5. yaw bobble
  6. slow speed / landing sink rates
  7. gun ammunition counts, ammo strength
  8. sound effects (faster performance)
  9. granular selection of active aircraft by year
  10. cheat reduction

Activation/deactivation of aircraft:
Your folder called 'aircraft' contains .LST files
Move a selected LST file into the subfolder 'inactive' to inactive planes of that type / era or another way to say above would be only keep the LST files that cover the era / type of planes you wish to have in the sim. If you only want the latest modern aircraft keep 'aircraft-2005.lst' etc..

Enjoy the combinations

All you need in one package!
  • current YS software at time of packaging
  • over 250 Aircraft!(most are inactive but can be activated)
  • butas Cresent map pack
  • CEP 1 &2 (2003) packs (not all of them yet)
  • CTRL/TANK packs (included in CEP's)
  • Oranleed's great shapes
  • tmp's mega pack
  • Dez's Alpha Jet [version2]
  • KZS ultralight aircraft packs
  • E. HON [tf58] packs, including Edwards Air force Base map, improved default weapons
  • Galen Thurber's Realism mods

Mega Packs

  • ysflightrealism/user/2ch

Flight Lobby N/A
EF Combat Net (Requires Java 1.4.2) OFFLINE
"The EF Combat Net program offers combat flightsim players a possibility to connect, chat and start flightsims together online. Anyone is welcome. EFCN is a hybrid java/native code application. The native code part is in efcn.dll and is used for checking the flightsims used for giving more security that no one is cheating or using altered files without knowing. The sources are free for download from the server index page. "
Resource Links

YS basic will run on a standard graphics card, as well as OpenGL cards. Multi-player is stable even over a dial up modem

Known Issues with the default Simulation (old info)
see documentation
Flight Models are poor and allow over pull of G forces. Roll rates are often too high, No compressibility effect. No spins / drops in stalls. No flap attitude change, ..
Ammunition Counts defaults are way too high and inflict damage of 1 hit point
Sound effects are poor and only one sound effect can be played at one time
Flaps have no drag Due to a formula within the flight sim, flap drag is a minute portion of the airbrake. No solution found. This was fixed in YS version 2006-08
aerobatic aircraft
must be activated or else sim with crash in demo mode
Damaged aircraft
Damaged aircraft fly as if undamaged

Sound Objects old notes, latest sound effects use  lower bitrate 8k/8k/mono for better performance
Play Demo 247KB - Overlaid with several voice radio calls etc..
bang.wav a heavy sound , unknown usage.
blast.wav low distant rumble used for object destruction.
blast2.wav overlaid engine sound with a delayed explosion and voice "Eject". Used for crashing planes.
bombsaway.wav bomb release sound.
burner.wav afterburner sound with overlays, subwoofer
damage.wav if you have been hit this sound is used, overlaid with a warning chirp and voice.
engine.wav unused
enginemax.wav jet engine at full MIL, includes sub woofer harmonics.
enginehigh.wav jet engine at 75% thrust, includes some subwoofer tones, normal cruise.
enginemid.wav jet engine at at around 50% thrust, slow cruise.
enginelow.wav jet engine at low RPM. This sound is used for the demo screen.
extendldg.wav landing gear being extended with overlay of idle jet engine
gun.wav 12.7mm gun sound.
hit.wav null sound since in reality you don't hear the hit
missile.wav sound of IR homing missile being fired. Overlay with a quick IR homing audio tone and jet engine at cornering thrust (approx 75%)
propeller.wav generic propeller sound. used in simulation ?
propmax.wav propeller engine at maximum boost, complete with sub woofer harmonics, rattles, over heat noises. Engine is begging for mercy!
prophigh.wav propeller engine at maximum thrust, complete with sub woofer harmonics and low frequency rumbles.
propmid.wav propeller engine at cruise speed with propeller tip harmonics.
proplow.wav propeller engine (radial, inline) going to idle then coughs towards a stall, then restarts, leans and pitches propeller.
retractldg.wav landing gear coming up after take off with overlay of jet engine at near MIL power.
rocket.wav launch of rocket, also used for flares.
touchdown.wav sound of rubber wheel squeal on pavement with hydraulic gear strut thud, sub woofer enabled!
low frequency rumble with phasing to roughly simulate deep stalls. added to release 24
other jet and prop sounds
are modeled

All my code is Open Source GPL
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